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December 11, 2002

Hello Friends and Family            

Can you believe the holidays are upon us.  What a fast year this has been!  Do hope this finds all of you well and hopefully this has been a good year with lots of happy memories, good health, and some travelling.

Our year has been pretty good. Both of us have had some health problems, but at present we are doing okay.  Have done some travelling, not too much driving.  We did buy a new car and down-sized to a smaller one - a Buick Regal.   We have enjoyed it and it's much easier to park!!

All of our family is doing well.  We have flown to Texas twice and enjoyed our visit with Janice, Dave and Amanda.  Amanda is 18 now, a senior, and busy with drill team.  We enjoyed seeing their football games and her team performing.  While we were in Texas, Jan and Dave went on a Safari in South Africa.   They had a wonderful time and a great hunt.

Nancy and Bob's boys are both in college.  Daniel graduated from Penn State University last spring and now is in Graduate school at Penn State.  David is in his sophomore year at West Virginia University.  Nancy is still teaching Home Economics in High School.

Patti and Joe's girls are keeping tem very busy as both Kelly (14) and Jenna (12) are in the Cheerleading and Gymnastics teams.  This keeps them busy with competitions, games, etc.  Both girls participate in special school choirs, which is very enjoyable for us to attend their wonderful performances.  Patti is still very busy with her job and recently she turned 40! We helped her to celebrate last week.   We are so lucky to be near and see our grandchildren often and be able to participate it their activities.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of us being here together and had a very blessed and thankful day.  We all have so many blessings to count.   We will celebrate Christmas at Patti and Joe's house.  All will be there except Jan and family.

Jim and I keep busy and active around the house.  Of course we don't have the outside work now!  Jim always has a project going and keeps himself very busy in his workshop.  I am very active with the Hospital Auxiliary, church, and many other activities.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays,

B-Ann & Jim

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