Greetings - Christmas 2007

Hopefully this letter finds all in good health.  This season is a time to cherish family and friends.  We pray for all those who are ill or have passed this year.  After almost 25 years with Doug at Christmas, this year is quite different.  We are getting through the holidays, one day at a time.  For some of you who may not know, Doug lost a  battle with cancer on September 18th 2007.  We miss him everyday; however, we know he is with us in spirit.  We can't even begin to thank everyone who helped us get through those first few months.  The outpouring of cards, dinners, hugs and true compassion was unbelievable.  Once again, thank you.

The kids are doing well.  Luke is a junior at Field High School.  He decided not to wrestle this year, but is starting to lift weights.  He continues to ski.  He is doing well in school, considering his emotional trauma with the loss of Doug.  His school load is tough as he is taking all honors classes.  He is being inducted into the National Honor Society in February.  He was accepted at The University of Akron in the fall as a postsecondary student, but decided to wait until his senior year to take advantage of this option.  He was nominated as the junior class attendant on the homecoming court in October.  He is 17, so sometimes he and Mama do not see eye to eye.  Oh well . . . teenagers . . . gotta love 'em.

Toni is a senior at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH and turned 21 last June.  She had a full class load in the fall and did very well.  She remains on the Dean's List and received her student teaching placement for the spring.  She is majoring in middle childhood education.  This licensure enables her to teach grades 4-9.  She needed two concentrations, so decided on math and science.  She also picked up a few extra classes to add a generalist degree onto her licensure.  She can teach any math or science class in grades 4-9, but also can teach self-contained classes in grades 4-6 that teach the entire curriculum.  High school 9th grade math or science is also an option.  She really has a lot of possibilities, so hopefully she will get a teaching job after she graduates in May.  Her student teaching placement is 4th grade in Cleveland Municipal Schools.  It should be a good learning experience.  Graduation date is set for May 11th.

As for me, I am trying to hold everything together.  Some days are extremely difficult, but everyone is so supportive that it helps me to get through those really tough days.  School is passing by quickly this year.  It's already half over.  I've been teaching high school Phys. Ed. the last 4 years and absolutely LOVE IT!  I waited many years to get the opportunity after teaching elementary school for 16 years.  I just finished my 11th year coaching volleyball.  Next year I plan to take over the program.  We had a great year with a 22-3 overall record.  I continue to coach Junior Olympic volleyball and absolutely love it.  I'm still an active member in our union, serve on the local licensure committee, and head our Health and Phys. Ed. department.  I also picked up 9th grade cheerleading advisor.  Someone quit and the principal talked me into helping out.  Brings back memories of the 70's, but boy are these cheers different.  It's  . . .interesting!?  And finally, I'm in the 21st year of being ski club advisor.  The last 5 years I've been the head advisor, so I'm a little bit busy.  I enjoy all these things and they keep me active.

Well, I could continue to write and write, but enough is enough!  Once again, have a joyous holiday and keep all those who have lost a loved one in your prayers.

Merry Christmas, Happy New year, and to all a good night!

All our love,

Brenda, Toni, and Luke

Luke 11th Grade