Hello and Happy Holidays to all our friends and family!
    We are doing well and hope you are too.
    Toni is busy and getting used to college life at Kent State University.  She has adjusted well and is learning to be very creative making food in her microwave!
    Jeff is now busy with basketball practice and games twice a week.  he is on JV and Dana is a crazy parent who always screams and yells for every basket he makes.  He also plays Varsity golf and then track in the spring.  By the way, he is now 6"3".
    We have two new additions to our family this year, German shepherd puppies, Rocco Jay and Sandy May.  They are keeping our lives quite busy, it's like having toddlers!
    Our family wishes you much happiness, good health, and joy this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Joe, Dana, Toni & Jeff




Debi Pearce 2004

Just a little update on myself:
After graduating from Conneaut in 1972, I joined the US Army and completed 16 years (10/1972 to 10/1988). When I was in the Army, I was stationed in Vicenza, Italy for 4 years.  I just thought it was unique. Here the
Gurto family all Italian and me going to Italy.  Vicenza it located in the North-Eastern part of Italy, not far from Venice. I had a blast when I was there. It was a great experience. I lived on the Italian economy and learned about the people.
The shopping was the best part. It was so cheap. 3 pairs of pants for $10. Sweaters $2 a piece, etc. When I got out, I applied and received a position that I had in the US Army. I worked for the US Army Topographic Engineer Center at Ft Belvoir, VA  in the Special Security Office as an Security Specialist. I stayed there for one year then received an offer from Autometric Inc to work as an Industrial Security Specialist. I stayed with them for 11 years then the company got bought out by The Boeing Company. I stayed with Boeing for 3 add'l years for a total of 14 years vested. I got tired of what I was doing in Boeing and decided to move on. Dec 6th this year, I secured a position with a company called ManTech (Management Technology). I work in Washington DC at the Ronald Reagan's International Trade Center for the Environmental Protection Agency. I am an Information Security Specialist. I basically write about the security experiences I have had in my career and apply that knowledge into writing security manuals for the EPA.


 I recently had some professional pictures made of myself (Wal-Mart special) :).  I've lost a lot of weight and no one had any good pictures of me so I decided to have the pictures made.  Here they are:

I've enjoyed your website over the years. It is a great way to find everyone. Although I don't know everybody except the elders and those I went to school with; it's nice keeping up on your life. I never know when I'm going to see anyone again except Frank. I visit with Frank every year. He was a part of my life growing up and that I am thankful. For the past decade or so, we have kept in touch every 2 weeks religiously.
Take care.



Jim and B-Ann 2004
Hi All -

We both wish you a very Happy Holiday season - can't believe that last year you were here celebrating with us!!

We are getting our first snow today and just heard them say Ashtabula Oh. was really getting hit with the Lake Effect!!

hope this finds all well - we are all doing O.K.  Bob continues to do well and so thankful for that - he has gone back to work (part-time) as still taking therapy and many medications.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We - Nancy, Bob and Daniel went to Texas so was great to be there with Jan ad Dave, Amanda too.  She's in her 2nd yr at Oklahoma University.

Let's hope for peace - good health and the best for the New Year!!

"Happy Holidays"

December 2004 Newsletter

Greetings family and friends,
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and hard to believe this year is almost over.  do hope all have a good, healthy year - seems at our age this is our number one priority!!  As for us, we have had a few problems, but at this time all is well.
We have had a busy year.  Did quite a bit of traveling in January, had a great cruise to the Western Caribbean, then many special family functions - weddings, reunions, etc, as the summer months flew by.  We also made trips to Dallas visiting Dave, Jan and Amanda.  We just got back as we had our Thanksgiving there along with Bob, Nancy and Daniel.  It was wonderful to all be together!!  Joe, Patti and the girls could not make it because of the girls' activities, cheerleading competitions and other things to keep them busy.
Our whole family is all doing quite well.  Joe is still a sales manager selling Coors, etc.  Patti was promoted to Vice President, Mellon Financial, and has been traveling internationally to India and London on business.  She is going back to London again this week.  Kelley is now in 10th grade and doing well.  She was inducted to National Honor Society, a member of varsity cheerleading, and recently got her driver's permit. Jenna's in the 8th grade and is enjoying her last year of middle school.  She is a very good student, but recently has discovered "boys".
Nancy's husband, Bob, had his second liver transplant in July.  After a long and hard recovery, he is now doing great.  We thank God every day for the doctors and the Donors.  If you are not currently a Donor, think about being one, as it's one of the best gifts you can give to someone in great need.  Nancy is still teaching Home Education at the High School level.  Their sons, Daniel and David, are both doing well.  Daniel graduated in June with a Masters Degree in engineering from Penn State and started new job with DuPont in Columbia, south Carolina.  So now we have a reason to travel south again.  David is in his last year at West Virginia university, and has a "steady" girlfriend.
Janice is currently working for a High School in Dallas.  She works under one of the principals and she is enjoying it a ton.  Amanda is now a sophomore at Oklahoma University.  We visited her there this past summer and loved seeing the campus and Oklahoma in general.  Dave has gone on a few more hunting excursions and this summer shot a 500 pound black bear!  He also traveled to Venezuela, and he got unique animal hides.  he also hunted many ducks, a bob cat, and a wild boar too.
Jim and I keep ourselves occupied through many little doings.  He is always building and construction projects in his workshop. he has much patience and the results show it.  I've been busy while working with the hospital auxiliary, church, and other interests.
Bust as a final work, please let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas.  It's the time of year to wish contentment, good will, strong health and peace upon others.  Let us have serenity, and remember to recognize the blessings in which you should be thankful for.  We wish you a Merry Christmas, a joyous Holiday Season, and a strong, prosperous New year.

With Love,
B'Ann and Jim