From: Speer, James []
Sent: Wednesday, 15 December 2004 6:28 AM
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Subject: Christmas Update


Received the Christmas update message.  Went through and looked at the "memoriam" write-ups.  Brought back a lot of memories, some sad, some happy ones, but non-the-less, memories of the family. 

I want to thank you for all you efforts in getting this website started, and for maintaining it, it is a lot of work, and I want you to know how much it is appreciated. 

I received a promotion at the VA medical center where I work.  It is to Program Support Clerk in the Engineering Department.  I do monthly reports, special annual reports (2 of them took a week each to gather info and put it into the correct format), deal with contracts (what fun), and basically whatever else is needed.  However, I am still looking for something better. I applied for a job in the Dept of Homeland Security in Cincinnati.  I applied for a job in Boyers, PA, got a rating of 98%, and someone else got the job.  I would bet there were at least 300+ applicants for that job, so will just keep looking and am sure something will turn up for me. 

I am going to Florida on Dec 18th (4 more days!!!) and will return Dec 27th.  I am going to stay with Johnny, Pam and Emilee.  I have a direct flight down, and a one-stop connection on the way back.  The Harrisburg airport is 45 minutes away, just a short distance off the PA turnpike, so shouldn't have any problems getting and from there.  The long term parking is $30 a week, with $5 each day over, so my 10 day stay will be around $45, which I do not think is that bad.  Johnny has to work (driving bus) Sat and Sunday, but should be home most of the time I will be there.  They are all doing good.  He is working, Pam has here 3 days she works, and poor Emilee has 2 jobs, and is hardly ever home!  HA! HA!

Sharen and David are doing good.  They went to Green Bay a couple weekends ago.  Greg and his wife are going to Atlanta for Xmas by her parents.

Really haven't heard too much from anyone in Conneaut, since Susie died.  Effie and Frank every once in a while.  Nicky sends some things out on the e-mail to me.  Don't know for certain, but heard your mom was thinking about going to Florida after Xmas for the winter.  Hope she goes, it would do her good to get out of Conneaut for a while - not to mention get away from the weather.  They had 14 inches with another 6 inches today -"lake effect snow."  Whoever came up with that name? HA! HA! 

Hope you and the family are all ready for the holidays "down under."  Wish you, Frances, and the "boys" a very Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone gets what they want and needs.  Have a great holiday season, and take care of yourselves.  Once again, thanks for the great work on the website....Jim