Jim, Sharen and Dave

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe that anothe year has almost come and gone.  Even harder to believe is that I have been at the Lebanon VA Medical Center four years now (August). I am still working in the Engineering Department.  We have expanded by hiring three new engineers and have plans to fill two of three more positions.

In November a Dependability Award, along with a watch and a reserved parking space (for three months)  for having a year-long "perfect attendance record."  This also has been a year of traveling for me.  The VA has a system where you can only "carry-over" 240 hours of Annual Leave to the next year.  I would have had over 300 hours accumulated by the end of December, so I had to use it, or lose it back to the system.

In May, I went to Wisconsin.  Spent a week with Sharen, David and some friends.  We went to several casinos, and although we had fun helping to support the Indian tribes, none of us really won any great amount, so back to work for me! HA! HA!

In July, I spent time in Conneaut for the family reunion, and as always there was way too much good food!  The park was a nice setting, and think that everyone that attended had a good time.  Pat & Gayle introduced us to the Erie Downs casino, and after a couple of visits, once again I had to return to work - sense a pattern starting to develop here? 

In September, I went to the "Land of the Mouse" and spent a week with Johnny, Pam and Emilee.  We went to the Tampa hard Rock casino where it was the "girls" vs the "boys" in gambling.  Johnny won $200 on the dollar slots.  The "boys" team split the $500, while the girls' team did not do as well.  Although a winner, I once again had to return to Lebanon and work! 

In December, I an going to Viva Las Vegas, and meet Sharen, David and some friends for a week's worth of "winning".  I plan on returning to Lebanon and work after the week is up - HA! HA!

With the approach of the holiday season, I find myself reflecting more on those family members that have faced health issues, and remembering those that have left us.  Once again, I wish everyone the best of wishes for a great holiday season.



Hi Joe,

 Here are a few of our vacation photos. They where taken at the Bellagio, there is one taken at the Wynn(the one with the archway of Christmas trees.  There are also a couple of TI. That is where we stayed.  Enjoy the holidays.

 Love Sharen


Photos of Jim, Sharen and David in Las Vegas


Jim and B-Ann

Hi All,

 Hope this finds all well and know busy with all the holiday doings . . .it all came so fast & such a fast year!!

Jim is holding his own and not happy not to be able to do all he wants - hard to slow down.  We have our tree up and guess he wants to get his trains out so that will be our project for the day plus many more I hope to do.

Pat and Gayle have been down to see us a few times & always glad to see them.

We will be having Christmas with Patti and all.  Kelly gets home from Penn State this week end.

Amanda will be graduating from Oklahoma University this weekend, so Janice and Dave will be there for her.  Sorry we cant go but just can't travel now as too much for Jim.

Nancy will be with David in N.C. Dave was home for Thanksgiving, now lives and works out of Denver, Co.

"Happy Holidays"

BAnn and Jim