Good Old Days
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Click to see what it was like gowing up Italian

Peter and Mary 1970

Peter 1970

Pat, Tony Rosie, Mary, Mary, Peter, Effie
Joe, Susie, Frank

Rosie holding Sharen, Effie, Mary, Susie, Tony
Mary, Jimmy, Peter, Christy
Frank, Pat, Joe

On porch:  Jenny Charles, Lucy Charles.  Back row:  Joe Guglielmo, Mary Gurto, Rose Charles, Julia Guglielmo, Pete Guglielmo, Henry Guglielmo, Jim Charles, Josephine Monda, Liz Guglielmo, Rose Gurto, Rose Guglielmo, Peter Gurto, Carnes Monda, Next row: Frank Charles, Jim Gurto, Chris Gurto, Tony Monda, Margie Monda, Mary Charles, Pat Monda, Mary Monda holding Flora Gurto, Mary Guglielmo holding Tony Gurto, Dominic Guglielmo, Mary Gurto - 1929

Lynne, Ronny Rose, Diane

Johnny, Jimmy

Lorraine, Joey 1957

Mary with Joyce, Grandma Moneypenny with Steve, John Moneypenny with Sheila 1955

Janice and Nancy 1957

B-Ann, Susie, Frank, Bob P, Jim Gurto

Michael with Bouncer and Tom 1963

Brenda and Pam 1966

Brenda and Faye - Easter 1967

Faye, Jackie, Stevie, Joyce, Brenda
Sheila holding Pam
Christmas 1964

Peter, Lorraine, Joe, Mary
Joe and Lorraine's Wedding Reception 1954

John Lewis holding Joe Gurto, Sharen Speer holding Jack Moneypenny, Jim Speer holding Steve Moneypenny
In front: Joyce and Sheila Moneypenny - 1957

B-Ann, Patti, Jim, Frank - Jan 1973
Cloud Callout: Do you remember
Playing kick the can in the Moneypenny's back yard in the dark?

???? 1957

Christy and Peggy Township Park 1947

Joyce, Lynne, Sheila
Johnny, Diane 1957

Diane - Indians Fan 1952

Diane and Lynne 1952

Diane and Lynne - Merry Christmas 1952

At Uncle Jim's in Virginia
Janice, Diane, Lynne, Nancy - 1954

Diane and Lynne 1952

Rosie holding Diane with Sharen - 1947

Aunt Sue's Wedding 1952

Text Box: Do you remember . . .
Spotty, Smoky, Tippy, Tiny, Bouncer, Salem, Ming Foo, Queenie, Mitzi, Scamper,  (any others?)
Text Box: Collecting pop bottles to cash them in at Anthonys for 2 each?