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Military Jim 1945.JPG (11168 bytes)

Jimmy 1945

Military Christy 1945.JPG (11111 bytes)

Christy 1945

Military Tony 1940's.JPG (10168 bytes)

Tony c. 1947

Military Joe Gurto Sr c 1956.jpg (36913 bytes)military Joe Gurto c 1957.jpg (46515 bytes)
1956 1957
1958 1959

military Joe Gurto c 1958.jpg (41659 bytes)Military Joe Gurto Sr 1959.JPG (10076 bytes)

Envelope from Lorraine to Joe Aug 17 1958

Last Update:

Programs and Project Management Division

Diane and Barry Vorse
The military picture of Barry & I was taken in December, 1966.  A few days later he left for a remote assignment in Japan for a year.
January 06, 2006 PRB Awards and Recognitions

Col. Carpenter presented a Certificate of Appreciation and Task Force Hope coin on behalf of the Louisiana Recovery Field Office to Barry Vorse of the Corporate Communication Office, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the response and recovery efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Jim Speer 1969 Envelopes from Jim to Joe and Lorraine and to Joe Jr Feb. 1969

John Lewis in Viet Nam 1969  

Angela Ramey

Brian Anglebrandt