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Congratulations to all the 2010 graduates -Vincent Gurto. . . Rocky Ulrich . . . Johnny Lewis III . . .Nicholas Miller . . .Michelle Moneypenny . . . .With all our best wishes for the future . . .


Family News
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Congratulations to all the 2010 graduates -Vincent Gurto. . . Rocky Ulrich . . . Johnny Lewis III . . .Nicholas Miller . . .Michelle Moneypenny . . . .With all our best wishes for the future . . .


June 30, 2012


Just talked to David, they took out 80% of tumor and will do a biopsy.  He has a dr. appointment next Friday to find out the results and decide if and when they need to go in and remove anything further.  The doctor said his lymph nodes looked good too.

I will keep you updated when he knows more. 

He  appreciates you letting the family know.



April 28, 2012


Just to let you know, Jeremy will be visiting Conneaut for a week form Sunday night (April 29 to Sunday May 6). He will be visiting with my Mom.


April 26, 2012

Hi its me again with a new phone number lol   Effie was moved this afternoon to the Ashtabula County Nursing Home with the address of 5740 Dibble Rd. 44048 and her phone number to her room is 440-224-2064.  She will be there til she can walk etc. my guess is 1-3 weeks.  She looked real good when we saw her after supper.  Other then being cold she is doing good. Thats all for now so if you would just pass it on.  Thanks   Love me....


April 24, 2012

Hi Jim Just to let you know Effie was moved out of ICU late yesterday afternoon.  She is having the test today around 1300.  They had her to PT this morning. Have to wait and see what happens next.  She is eating real food.  Johnny called her last night too as he made it home.  If you want to call her here is her phone number to her room 440-285-6222   Other than that her bp is up and her blood count is at a 10 as of yesterday and everything else is working again.  Take care let you know more later.  Gayle


April 23, 2012

Hi Jim,  Effie is in Geauga Medical Center with alot of things wrong but she is getting better.  She may get moved out of ICU sometime today is what the Dr said.  I will give you a call if you would like it is too much to type.  Just let me know a good time to call and I will. 
Take care 


Sharen, This is a message I got from Gayle.  I just called her.  Effie is in Geauga Medical Center, south of Chardon, on Rt44. 

The correct name is University Hospital Geauga Medical Center, 13207 Ravenna Road, Chardon, OH 44024 –

phone # (440)285-6000.

She got sick Friday night, they took her to Brown Memorial….low blood pressure, low potassium level, deceased renal function, urinary tract infection, anemic, and some others.  That is why they transferred her to a bigger hospital.  They think she is losing blood and will do the scope tests tomorrow.

Take care,



April 23, 2012

Hello from Wexford--

Just a note to let you know that  Flora is in a hospital (Gauga).  Gayel called me  yesterday and had been in Conneaut but moved her there--

She is haviing kidney problems (renal problems), just talked with Gayle and she said she is doing better.  So that is good newsMichelle

so keep her in your prayers..             Love, B,Ann


March 26, 2012


Timothy graduated from New South Wales University tonight with a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) degree with honours.


December 11, 2011

Diane and Barry Vorse are celebrating their retirements this week.  The flyer is on Chrisy's web page. click here


September 14, 2011

Hi I just had a call from Aunt Gayle.  Aunt Effie is out of surgery and all went well.  She just has to stay in until 6 or so to be sure everything is ok.  Thanks for your prayers.  Love Sharen


September 13, 2011

Tomorrow Aunt Effie is going in for surgery.  She has to have her pace maker replaced.  I would ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Love Sharen


August 15, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to give you an update on John's surgery outcome…..
The Pathology report came back from the tumor in the kidney
They said it is now a Benign Tumor, and can’t explain how....  
All the facts were identical footprint to all other Kidney Cancer.
So.. thank you so much for all the support and prayers during this past month..    They obviously made a difference.

The outcome is unbelievable.  

We still need to follow up with the Oncologist at Cleveland Clinic. He still has not done any full body scan,  and wants to still track all of this for a while.

What a MIRACLE. 

One month ago we were told it was stage 4 Kidney Cancer   from Parma Radiology Team, Southwest Urology Team, and  Parma Internal Medicine Team.

Then went transfer to the Cleveland CLINIC and their Radiologist Team, their Urologist Team ( and top Surgeon), the Oncologist  who is also head of the Kidney Cancer Research team, as well as a Professor of Medicine at Case Western, and on staff at the Cleveland Clinic  ALL told us it was Stage 4 Kidney Cancer.  

So thank you all…  for all the support and prayers of encouragement.  

Miracles do happen to those who believe.   

I am confident as we proceed with all the other testing they want to do, we will have positive feedback on all of it.

Thank you again for helping us get thru these trying times,

Faye & Family


August 14, 2011

I received the following text from Faye:


Miracles do happen to those who believe…the surgeon called…the 3 inch tumor in the kidney was benign…praise be to GOD…we still need to follow up with the oncologist.  He wants to monitor the other spots…but since it was benign…the other results just have to be okay I pray.  Thank you all for the prayers and support during these very trying weeks…and the removal of John’s kidney.  We cannot thank you enough.  God Bless


August 5, 2011

I got these texts from Faye about John’s surgery today;

At 2:40 she sent:  “ We are probably half way thru surgery…they just came and told me everything is going smooth, I will let you know more later, thanks for all of the prayers “

And at 4:00 she sent “ they just got the kidney out. They said they have to finish some other things then start to close after that “

5:18 p.m.  “great update from surgeon himself. Surgery is over they took 3 samples from the liver and the pathologist was 100% it is NOT cancer in the liver…and probably not in the bone either….thanks  you all for prayer

GOD heard you and listened   updates later….bye”

Will let you know if I hear anything else.



August 2, 2011

I know I have let most of you know about my cousin-in-law.  Just a reminder to keep saying prayers for him and his family. The operation is Thursday.  Thank you in advance for doing this.  Love Sharen


July 23, 2011

I would like to ask you all to say some prayers for My cousin John Kazimer (it doesn’t matter if you know him or not) If you are reading this then you know me.  John has a tumor on his Kidney, the doctors are going to remove the kidney on Aug. 4th at the Cleveland Clinic.  They are removing it because they don’t want to have to do two operations (a biopsy and the removal). The doctors are the best in the country.  Please say a prayer for him and his family.  Thank you for doing this.  Love Sharen P.S. If you could pass this on to anyone that might be on your email or in a prayer chain pass this on to them, or if you know of someone that does not have a computer let them know.  Thank you all again.


July 12, 2011


We have great news... John is in complete remission!  All of the cancer is gone and the chance of it coming back is very small.  We appreciate all of your prayers and support throughout his treatment and my pregnancy.  Sophia is very excited that her Daddy is in remission and wants to invite you to join us at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Family Walk in Cleveland on September 24.  To join or donate to John's team "Remission Accomplished" click on the link -  .

Thanks again!


Jill, John & Sophia



June 22, 2011

Hi Joe,

 I was wondering if there is any way you could put everyone’s mailing address on the Gurto website?  I have lost my directory and don’t have any addresses.

 If you can’t it’s ok…..THANK YOU!


Dana J


June 22, 2011

Just got a call from Jim.  Gayle called him to tell him Aunt Effie was out of surgery and everything went well. Thank God.  She had the surgery in Cleveland and will be going home either today or tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers.  She just has to go back in six months for a follow up. Love Sharen


June 21, 2011

Aunt Effie is going in for surgery tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Love Sharen


June 22, 2011

Hi Sharen,

That would be fine.  I'll get something else.


June 20, 2011

Hi Joe I would like to contribute to the reunion.  To save you time, I would like to buy the paper and plastic ware for the reunion.  David can pick it up the next time he goes to Sam’s Club (a warehouse store).  Jim can bring it to the reunion, he is going to be up here the week before.  Let me know if that is ok with you. 

Take care Love Sharen


June 20, 2011

Hi Joe,

 I will not be able to attend the reunion this year .  I am still the head volleyball coach at our high school and I will be with my team at  Youngstown State for a camp Friday and Saturday, July 8 and 9.  Luke has to work and Toni has a few appointments that morning.  If she can finish by noon , she may come.  I am extremely sorry and hope everyone enjoys their time together.  I would have loved to share my photos from our trip.  I may be able to get my albums to Joyce and she can share them.  Maybe you can tell everyone the scoop on the photos.  Thanks for arranging everything and always making it special.  If there's any way I can escape from the camp for an hour, I'll show up.  Unlikely, but not impossible.



June 18,2011

Hey Joe!


We won't be able to attend the reunion this year either.    John is up there now for his Mom's surgery, so we won't be able to travel back up so soon after.  


Hope everyone has a great time!


June 18, 2011

I will buy some paper products for the reunion as well as something else.  I haven't decided what yet.



June 18, 2011

 Joe, thank you for doing the invitation.  Dana, thank you for arranging the Pavilion.

 I will get a pinata for the kids...also, I think everyone should bring their own paper products.

Just as a reminder to everyone,  we no longer have a reunion fund.

Tim, Kayla, and I will be coming to the reunion... as for my kids....  Stacy was planning on coming, but someone quit at her job, and she may have to work that weekend.  Jill thinks they may come, she's not sure yet. I don't think Kim is coming.

 I haven't decided what I am bringing yet..I'll let you know.
We'll see you in a few weeks.




June 17, 2011

Hi Joe  We will bring a ham and something else not sure what.  Love Gayle


June 17, 2011

Hi Joe

One of these days we will see each other. We will not be able to attend the reunion this year as we will be in Cleveland the next weekend for Toni Ward's wedding, the 1 month later is Missy Schneider's wedding and then 2 weeks later is our Ashley's wedding here in Door County. Safe travels to you.




June 15, 2011

Services at Marcy's Funeral Home

probably Sunday and burial Monday for Betty Vorse.

Barry's dad address is Guy Vorse  121 Ansel Rd  Geneva, OH  44041


June 15, 2011

Barry's mother passed away this evening

Please let the Gurtos know.

Calling hours will be Sunday 6/19 - don't know times yet

Funeral will be Monday 6/20.

 We are leaving in the morning, driving and  staying one night in Beckley, WV and get to Ohio Friday afternoon.
Alan is flying in Saturday night.
Too much for us to deal with so close to dad's death.  Betty died on Dad's birthday.



June 15, 2011

We had the last test done today for Effie that I know of.  Johnny called and said he is  leaving Fla Thurs am and should be here on Fri.
I have to have my belly scoped on Fri and your Uncle Pat is throwing up and his hands and feet are like ice.  And he broke out in a sweat.  Wont go to Dr or hospital yet.  Boy what a week. 

Take Care 



June 15, 2011


As of now, I am planning on attending the reunion.  I will probably not get into Conneaut until Friday night.  Will be at the reunion, and then Sunday I will hopefully spend the day in Cleveland with several people I worked with in Cleveland.  Then I plan to go back to Lebanon Sunday night, or Monday morning.

I will order a couple of sheet pizzas for the reunion…they seem to go over pretty good.

Will be good to see you…have a safe trip…



June 14, 2011 We will not be able to attend the reunion. 

Thanks Sharen


June 14, 2011 Hi everyone!

Baby Sophia Maria Modzelewski was born on 6/8/11 at 6:23am.  She was 7lbs 11oz and 19.5 inches long.  She is happy and very healthy!  We love you all!

Jill, John and Sophia

P.S.   I just posted lots of pictures of Sophia to facebook...


May 21, 2011 I am very happy to say John completed his last radiation treatment today and he is finished with all of his cancer treatments!  As of his most recent scans from about a month ago, he was almost in complete remission and the radiation was to kill the remaining cancer cells.  He also found out today that the Army promoted him to a Staff Sergeant.  He has been on medical leave from the military since all of this started and can now start to condition to get back into military tiptop shape.  He will begin student teaching (his last college class) in August and graduate in December with a teaching degree.  In baby news...I am due in 5 weeks and we decided to name our daughter Sophia Maria Modzelewski. Today was a very good day in the Modzelewski household!  We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support and can’t wait for Sophia to meet everyone! 




March 15, 2011 This is a sad email for me to send.  I just found out that Uncle Christy passed away a couple of hours ago. Visitation will be at Quattlebaum F.H. in West Palm Beach Fl. Friday evening and Services Sat.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and Prayers. Love Sharen


March 8, 2011 Gayle,  Thinking of you and hoping things get better and they figure this out.  Hugs and love to you, Pat ,Sherry, and the boys.


Love, Brenda


March 7, 2011 We, too, are thinking and praying for a full and quick recovery to both Aunt Gayle and Uncle Christy


Joe, Frances and Family


March 7, 2011 Thoughts, prayers and hugs to both Aunt Gayle and Uncle Christy and their families.


Dana & Joe


March 7 2011 Hi I just heard Aunt Gayle is in the hosp., due to bleeding. She started bleeding during the night Uncle Pat took her to the hosp.  They are trying to find out where it is coming from.  Keep her in your prayers. Love Sharen


March 7, 2011 My prayers and thoughts go out to Christy, Peggy, Diane, Lynne,  Michele and all their families.  Hoping things will improve. 

Love to all of you.



March 6, 2011 Tuesday evening dad went back into the hospital. This time Palm Beach Gardens Community Hospital.  Lynne, Michele and I did not want him at the VA Hospital again.  Dad's cardiologist is at PBG Hospital so he is directing his care.  Lungs are still filling up with fluid so since Tuesday they have been addressing that problem.  His body is wearing out with each one of these trips to the hospital.  Mom and Michele were going to see him today, so when I know anything else, I'll let you know. 

When we all visited him last weekend he was tired and weak, still on oxygen 24/7 and depressed that he is not able to do more.



January 24, 2011 Hi Everyone:  I got an email from Diane, she asked me to share this with everyone.  Uncle Christy has been in and out of the hosp. a couple of times.  He has severe infections in his lungs.  He is on oxygen and breathing treatments.  Please keep him in your prayers and if you want send him a card.  Thank you Love Sharen


November 6, 2010 Sharen,

15 years? Wow! It seems like yesterday. It also seems as though the older we get the more treasured the memories become.

Poet Maya Angelou wrote , "We are at our greatest when we encourage and connect with another human being."

Rosie had a knack for connecting with us all. Her love was boundless. She punctuated our lives with wit, humor and generosity. That is why we think about her often and why she will live in our hearts forever too.




November 6, 2010 15 years ago today My Mom passed away.  We still miss her and love her very much, I can still see her painted nails, and her goofy little smile.  She loved Ohio and traveling there for the family reunions. She would plan for the next trip as soon as she got back from the current one.  No matter how hard it was for her she never complained.  I will always remember her and love her.  She lives in my heart and the hearts of everyone that knew her.  Love Sharen


June 4, 2010 Hi Everyone: 

I will not be able to attend the reunion this year.  Just wanted to let you know I will be buying the paper products. Jim is coming here for a week before the reunion and I will have him bring them down.  I would like to try to get a count of how many people are going to be there so if you could email me back I would appreciate it.  If you want to let me know what you are taking for you dishes to pass I will pass that information on.  It will make me feel like I am doing something for the reunion. If you could also let anyone that is not on the receive list let them know thank you. Sharen 

Sharen and David paper products( plates, bowls, plastic ware, napkins)


May 4, 2010 Joe,

David called Sunday afternoon, Sharen is back in the hospital. She started getting sick on Saturday – could not keep anything down.  They called the doctor twice and got anti-nausea medication – nothing worked.  So she was admitted on Sunday morning.  They are checking for blood clots, blockages, etc., to find out what is going on with her. I will let you know if I hear any news about her condition.

I was interviewed for a couple of different jobs…one here in the purchasing department, and one in Tomah, WI, at another VA…didn’t get either one.  I will keep looking for something else…hard to believe I will be here 7 years, this August! 

Sounds as though everyone is busy at your home. 

Is anyone, besides Brenda, going on the Italian trip with you?  By then all the flights should be back to normal – unless the volcano acts up again.  Hope everyone has a great time and look forward to hearing about the trip.

That’s about it from here – will write later.

Take Care,



April 29, 2010 Good news from Wisconsin!

Just had a call from David about Sharen’s surgery.

She was scheduled for 8 am, and they started early.  They were able to do the robotic surgery (which will cut down on her recovery time) which lasted 4 hours.

The doctor said the surgery went well, all of the cancer was removed, and a check of the lymphoids was negative.

I will let you know if there is any other information, when I talk to David tonight.

James R. Speer

Engineering Program Support Clerk

(717) 272-6621 ext 4722

(717) 228-6052 FAX


April 29, 2010 Hi Everyone,

Just a bit of an update on the Joe Gurto Family Down Under.

Dominic is nearly finished with his degree.  Timothy wants to do another class before he starts his thesis so he might not finish until the first half of next year.  Jeremy is half-way through his third year.  Frances and I are just working hard, looking forward to our trip to Italy with Brenda in July and then a couple of weeks touring Europe.  Timothy is talking about visiting the US soon.  He wants to go to Las Vegas to talk to some people about a prospective job there.  The weather is beginning to cool down here.  Almost time to turn on the heater, but not quite. 




April 29, 2010 Hey Joe,  How are you doing???   We are all fine here.  Mom is still working and planning on her retirement on 1-1-11.  Dad is happy to be outside mowing the grass and planting his flowers.  Kyle and Karl will be done with their 1st year of college next week.    Time is flying by.  As for me,  I like my townhouse.  I've have been busy myself working 2 jobs.   I have my full time 40 hour job at Highland Place Apts and then on Saturday and Sunday mornings 6am to 12pm, I work at Pizzis in the kitchen doing all of the prep work.  I really like it.  I'm tired!!!

Here is my email so you can add it to the list:

How is everyone doing in your family???

Take care,

Love, Sherry


April 28, 2010 Hi!

We are moving on Saturday and I wanted to send you our new apartment address and my new email address:

11115 Cheyenne Trail # 304

Parma Hts, OH 44130

I am closing this email account in a couple days, my new email is .




April 3, 2010


Love Sharen and David


April 1, 2010 Hello Everyone.

         Hope this finds all well and know everyone is glad to see Spring finally here.   All is well here in Wexford and hope this finds the same with everyone,

Do wish you all a very Happy, Blessed Easter and  a great Spring. 

Love, B.Ann  and All.


April 1, 2010 Hi Everyone: 
I had my doctors appt. today.  We didn't get home until after 7 this evening.  The main thing is I have to get clearance from my pulmonary care doctor, my heart doctor, and my gp doctor.  I have to have X-Rays, and blood work done.  The surgeon wants to do the robotic surgery but has to make sure my heart and lungs will be ok.  They tilt the table with the head downward.  The operation takes about 4 hours.  recovery takes 1 night in hosp. and 2 weeks at home.  The reg. way, cutting.  Takes about 2 hours for the operation, 3 to 5 nights in hosp. and 6 weeks recovery at home. It depends on how fast I can get all the pre-op done.  The surgeons office is taking care of setting up the appts.  I will keep everyone informed as soon as I have a date.  Keep me in your prayers.  Thanks
Love Sharen


March 25, 2010 Hello Everyone:  I am emailing everyone on my list.  If you could pass this on to anyone that is not on the list that would save me having to call.  I had a doctors appt. today,  my results were mixed.  My Cells are at a level 4.  That means I am one level below full cancer.  The cells show there can be cancer there, but to be sure I will have to have surgery(a hysterectomy)  at that time the doctor will be able to determine if it is cancer and if it is contained.  Anyway I won't know any more until I talk to the surgeon. I will keep you informed as best I can.  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. 

Love Sharen

March 15, 2010 Hi Everyone:
I would like to ask you to pray for me, and I would also like to ask everyone to please send my request to everyone on your email list.  I was having some problems with bleeding.   My doctor started doing some testing(pap's smear, pelvic ultra sound).    They show something is there but not sure what( it can be anything from polyps to cancer).  On Wednesday I am going for a D&C I will have the results back on Mon. So if you could keep me in your prays I would be really grateful.  Thank you in advance. Love Sharen  P.S. Joe could you post this to the website and let everyone know it is out there. 



March 1, 2010 My mom took a fall last month and really bruised her ribs and body.  She is not healing very well and is very weak.

I am worried about her- she is 85 and not recovering as we had hoped. 

I know everyone is busy, but since she does not go on the computer and is too weak to speak on the phone, it would mean alot to her and to me

if you could send her a card to let her know that you are thinking of her and how special she is !

her address is Peggy Gurto

3313 C  North Meridian Way  

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410


Michele and family

February 23, 2010 Hi everyone:  These were caught at three different outings.   The last one of Greg was caught on Friday.  They where all caught on Fox Lake. Love Sharen P.S. they did put them back.


June 25, 2009
July 3,2009 Greetings, The Dale Gurto family will not be attending the annual Gurto  family reunion.

Dale & Letty


June 25, 2009

Tim and I will be coming. maybe Jill.


I'll bring pasta salad, fruit salad, and a dessert.


See you soon.





June 23, 2009

Unfortunately the Jack Moneypenny family will not be able to attend. We hope all of you have a great time.




June 22, 2009

Hi photos of Greg and Amanda, and Greg and David on father's day. 


June 20, 2009 Hi Sharen!
Just wanted to let you know that my mom IS planning to attend and will bring dessert.  Patti and I can not come this year, we will both be on vacation then.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  I am enjoying my summer...the perks of being a teacher!  Right now Mom and I are in NC at Daniel's visiting until the middle of next week.  It is really hot here(99 degrees) but we are enjoying the sun.  We left rain and storms behind in PA. 
Take care,
June 20, 2009

Hi Everyone:  I have been checking the family website everyday.  So far only Lorraine, Effie, and Myself have signed up as far as what we are taking to the reunion or if you are even going to the reunion.  I know Uncle Christy and family won't be able to attend, also John and Pam won't be there.  The reason I am concerned is because I am ordering the chicken from Jim, David and I and I would like to get some kind of count.  Also I am bring the paper goods, so if you could email me just to let me know if you are planning on going or not, I would really appreciate it.  If you want to include what you are bring that would be good, I will forward the information along to everyone.  Thanks Love Sharen


June 2, 2009 Hi Joey,

Just had Luke's graduation last night.  I was very proud of him.  He graduated with honors (cum laude) and wore his National Honor Society collar.  These last two years have been tough for him without Doug, but he made it, and with honors.  He took his college English classes and one college science class post secondary at The University of Akron and then finished the day at the high school with a few classes.  He's off to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University.  He leaves in September.  He's going to study Construction Management Technology with an emphasis on bridges and roadways.  He will be the guy in between the engineers and construction company.  It's a business management degree yet he needs to take a lot of science and math courses to understand the engineering part of construction.  It sounds like something he may really enjoy but... who knows, four years is a long time and things can always change. I'm enclosing some pictures of last night's graduation.  Faye and Joyce came with Faye's boys.  It was nice.  I know Doug would have been extremely proud of him.  It's been tough going through all of Luke's accomplishments without him.  Luke was on Homecoming Court in the fall, Prom Court two weeks ago, and now honors in graduation.  I know he's watching and is proud of Luke.  Well, I need to get going so once again, thanks for sharing the pictures and messages with the family.  Give Frances and the boys a hug.

Love, Brenda
June 2, 2009 Joe

If you'd like to post the following pics and info
Update from Michele re family
Since we won't make the family reunion this year, I wanted to share some updates on the kids.
Steven is in his junior year at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

He is majoring in Civil Engineering with a Business Minor. (I have no idea what he is talking about when he talks to me about statics, dynamics and other engineering lingo- but he loves it and he actually Aced his accounting class last semester without any phone calls to me) He is going to be the president of the Outlanders Club, which is an environmental club that goes canoeing, kayaking, camping and does water cleanups. (All the things I don't do !) He's taking classes this summer so we won't see him too much this summer.

Lauren will be 16 in July and will be driving on her own. My current car which she will take over looks like a teenagers car with bumper stickers all over it already.

Her love of cheerleading has taken over our lives. She was on the varsity football, basketball & competitive squad at her high school.

And she was on a competitive gym squad that competed in 7 competitions this year in Florida & Atlanta- her squad got 6 first places and 1 second. (So you can tell how good they are & how serious they are about this. I refuse to wear a Cheer Mom shirt or a large button with her photo on it- I had to draw the line somewhere!- the 2 photos are from this year) She will be a junior in the fall and her high school has been in a remodel mode for 2 years, so they are excited to go into their new facilities this fall. She is a really good student and lives life to the fullest. She's not sure where she is going to college yet. (Of course if they were a national champion cheer squad is a big plus)

James is living the dream life in California now. Though he has to work 2 jobs to pay the bills, he loves to surf and skim boarding etc. so he loves Cal. He gets to Florida only once a year, so we miss seeing him.

Jared is in the Air Force and will be going to Africa in July- so please keep him and all of our military guys and gals in your prayers. He will decide this fall if he is re-enlisting. He is up for a Sgt promotion and has adjusted to military life. We will see him in July for the NASCAR race in Daytona before he leaves.

It's great to see all of our families grow up and move through different phases of their lives.

Hope that all of you are well and have a wonderful time at the reunion. I'll miss you.

If anyone is thinking about an Italy trip in the next few years, let me know.

Luv ya



May 27, 2009 Lysa sent some photos of the baby - Liliana. I have posted some on my Dad's page and one on this year's reunion page.
May 24, 2009 Hey Uncle Joey, I just wanted to give you an update; Liliana A'Merie Marshall was born on May 21, 2009 she was 7 lbs 5 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Mom and baby are both great and I will send some pictures this afternoon.
May 16, 2009 Hi Greg went fishing with his Dad for a couple of days this week.  He caught this 39 inch Muskie on a tube jig. Last time they went he caught the two nice size walleye.  Take care Love Sharen


May 14, 2009 Hi Joey, 
I sent you a few pictures of Luke, so if you please scan them in and put one in the graduation page, I would appreciate it.  Luke also is graduating June 1, 2009.  If you can put it on the banner, that would be great.  He's going to The Ohio State University in Columbus and will be an Ohio State Buckeye!  We're all excited and he can't wait.  I'll update everything in a few weeks. Thanks Joey!  So next summer I'll be 50 and that's when I want to go to Italy.  I'm going to start planning it in the fall.  Will you be?  I hope so.  We will have a blast!!!  Give Francis a hug and the boys as well.  Sending you a hug and wish you could be here for Luke's celebration.  Thanks for all you do!

Love, Brenda


May 13, 2009

Hi Joey,

 I just wanted to give everyone an update on Bill. He came home from the hospital on April 13th. He had a Heart cath and the results showed no blockage. The doctors said the Bill had a virus that attacked his heart muscle and made it so weak. He is on several medications and a very strict diet. They said his heart should get strong again but it will be a long road. He is working half days and the band played but he only did a few  songs. He was not allowed to play the whole gig. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We hope to see everyone at the reunion.   Love, Pam



May 3, 2009

Hi David wanted me to send you the photo of Greg with one the fish he caught.  They went out Sat.  Greg caught 10, he keep two. One 21 inch and the other 16 inch.  David didn't catch very many but was happy for Greg.  The birds where on the feeder by our deck.  Sharen


May 3, 2009 Food for Reunion




April 11, 2009

Hi Joey,

 This is Pam I just wanted to let everyone know Bill is not well. He went in the hospital on Monday with acute congestive heart failure. It has been a long week around the Miller house. The latest news is that his heart is extremely weak, they think it's because he has a blockage. He is scheduled for a heart cath. on Monday 4-13-09. We will find out if he has to have surgery at that point. He is in

St. Joseph's Health Center in Warren,Ohio Monday he will be transfered to St Elizabeth's hospital in Youngstown,Ohio.

They will do the test and tell us that day if he has a blockage. From now til Monday they will be working on getting his Blood Pressure down. I just wanted to see if you could post this info so everyone could see it. I have a favor to ask everyone.......


                                                                                    Love , Pam


April 10, 2009

If while in Orlando, if the boys need a place to stay or would have time to come over for dinner, we'd be happy to have them!   I had no clue what a Contiki bus tour was until I just goggled it.   It looks like one big party, which I'm sure they are looking forward to.   Fun with people their own ages!    But, if they have time, we'd love to see them!! 


As for the reunion, I doubt we'll make it this year.  Since Sherry's twins and Barb's son are graduating this year, they are both having parties for them, and we MIGHT go up for that, but not sure yet.   We just got a new puppy a couple of months ago, and we're still in the potty training part of raising her, so traveling might not be a good idea yet!  ha   I'll include a picture of her (and our other dog too) in this email.   I'm not too sure if getting a puppy was such a good idea.    I had forgotten how much work they are!  hahaha


Hope your all doing well.   John's work is a little slow right now and should be through the summer but hopefully will pick up again.   My work was slow but now with spring/summer here, it should pick up too.   We're just hanging in there and trying to get through these tough times. 


Take care and keep in touch.   Let us know what the boys figure out for transportation. 


Pam and John

PS....This is Lacee (our new addition, the little one) and Marcee (our 8 year old Maltese)......


September 18, 2008 Hi Joe,


Our wedding photos have been published online!  To access our online album, please follow the steps below...

1.) Log onto the photographer's site at and click on "Online Albums"

2.) Find our photo (Jill & John) and click on it, this will bring up our Shutterfly login page.

3.) Use the password "photo2008" to access your album!


Thanks again!



August 28, 2008

Hello All,

         Hope this finds all well and guess we all are wondering where the summer went, just can’t believe Labor Day is this week-end.  We have no special plans yet, but Daniel will be here for the week-end so know something will happen.  All is well here, busy as ever with everything, we finally are getting some rain as we have not had any for sometime and things are really looking brown, so have been doing a lot of watering to keep the beds going,  Have enjoyed all the updates  and pictures of  the Reunion so Thanks for sending them,

              Patti and girls have recently moved to a new Town-House, so about a half-hour away.  This is her new address:  Patti Kolling

101   Legend Creek Road

Cranberry Twp., PA.  16066

   No more news so will sign off and hope all have a great weekend.                                                              

                                                            Love, B.Ann                                                                                                    


August 16, 2008 I attached some pictures for the Gurto website.  John and I will be getting married on August 2.  John is in the Ohio Army National Guard and is getting deployed to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt in September for 12 months.  I wanted to know if you could put a link to his website ( on the family's site? 
Thanks again for the wedding gift!
Jill & John

June 11, 2008



Just a little update, Toni got hired last week at Conneaut High School to teach Algebra II.  They also offered her the drill team and majorette advisor position.  She is so excited and I can't believe she will be working right back here in Conneaut! 


Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!





June 3, 2008 Hi Joe,
Just wanted to send a photo of Toni.  She graduated on May 11 from Baldwin-Wallace College.  She received an honor bestowed on 30 outstanding senior women called the White Rose Ceremony.  It was very nice ceremony and we were very proud of her.  She also graduated magna cum laude.  There were 800 graduates.  It was a great Mother's Day gift!  I'm sure Doug would have been so proud of her. She has some prospects in Clay County Schools in Florida.  It is located about 30 minutes south of Jacksonville.  She accepted a position and is waiting for paperwork.  She graduated with a MS in Middle Childhood Education, concentrating in math and science.  I think the job may be 6th grade math.  She's excited.  It's bittersweet for me, however, because she is moving so far away, yet, was successful at getting a job.  Hey, I'll just have to visit!!  We went on a family trip in March to Punta Cana. I'm enclosing some of those pictures as well. Luke had his junior prom a few weeks ago.  I'm sending a pic of him too.  Take care and thanks for all your continued work on this wonderful website!

Love, Brenda
May 23, 2008

Hi Joe!


Just wanted to put a little note on the website, that we are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on May 28th.  No big plans probably a nice dinner with Toni and Jeff and maybe an overnighter (or two) for us somewhere.  We have attached a photo.

Thank you!


Joe and Dana


May 15, 2008

Hello to All:


I wanted to update all of you on our move to Door County. After 7 months on the market, our home in Racine still has not sold. As aggravating as it is, we realize we are not alone in this housing crunch. We have made an offer on a home in Door County with the contingency we sell our home before closing. Not the ideal situation, but its working. The home in Door County was empty, so I have been renting it since January. After discussing it, Susan and I decided to get on with living and hope for the best. Susan gave her notice last week at the Racine Marriott where she has been employed for the last 18 years. May 25th will be her last day. The moving truck will pack up our belongings and move our household to Door County on May 30th. Susan will take a bit of a R & R before looking for a new job. We will leave the home in Racine vacant and see what happens.


Door County is a great place to visit, hint hint. Our love to all, keep your fingers crossed for us that the Racine home sells in this less than ideal market.




May 11, 2008 Toni Rae graduated Summa Cum Laude on May 10, 2008 from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree majoring in Integrated Mathematics.  She will be licensed to teach grades 7 through 12 in Mathematics.

        While attending Kent State University, Toni earned the President's and Dean's List.  She was a member of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Kent Student Education Association, Ohio Education Association, National Education Association and Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy during her sophomore year.


March 26, 2008

As most of you must already know.  Uncle Jim Gurto passed away shortly after midnight (March 26th).  Please keep his family in your prayers.  Love Sharen


March 11, 2008

I don't know if you have heard or not about Tammy and the kids losing everything in a fire.  The place they where renting caught on fire.  Michele burned her arm, but she woke up everyone and they all got out.  The red cross put them up in a hotel for two nights and a couple of Steve's sisters paid for four more nights.  It anyone can or wants to help out with money or anything send it to Pam Miller.  She will make sure they get what they need. which is everything).  Please keep the family in your prayers.  Sharen


March 3, 2008 Dear Joe and All.

Want to give you an update on Jim, Just talked with the Nurse’s Station this AM and Jim had a fairly good night, having a lot of pain now so keeping him sedated as they say these next few days will be that way with the body getting back into running on it’s own.  They have had him up and walking all ready.  He is now  out of ICU and in the step-down critical care unit,  I will be going down this PM and stay till he has his supper.  We have had such bad weather, roads have been bad so lucky that it is beginning to get better and warmer.  The girls have left, Janice and Amanda got back to WA. And OK  Nancy left yesterday and just talked with her and she is busy getting things organized for school tomorrow..  It was very good having them all here and enjoyed their visit and being here with me.  Patti is close so that is good, right now she has a bad cold, etc so can’t go to Hospital as they don’t want her near Jim.  Want to Thank everyone for all their concerns. Calls and most of all the Prayers.

Thank you so much for keeping everyone informed, Gayle has been great in spreading the Info.   Thanks—




February 29, 2008

I just got a call from Aunt Gayle.  She talked to Nancy, Uncle Jim is doing really well.  They had him up today. His kidneys are doing ok so far. They are going to see how he does tonight and maybe tomorrow move him to step down.  He is on oxygen and has to do breathing treatments 4 times a day. 


February 28, 2008




Uncle Jim went into surgery this morning.  They replaced the Aorta Valve, they did not have to do the bypass's they thought they where going to have to do.  His kidneys where at 20% the doctors are going to put him on dialysis and hopefully they will kick back in. If things change or I hear anything else I will let you know.  Keep him and his family in your prayers. 
Love Sharen


February 24, 2008

First Jimmy is staying with Pam Miller and family.  He got there yesterday.


Uncle Jim:  Aunt Gayle called to say he passed out at home.  Aunt B-Ann called 911.  They took him to the hosp.  He is in intensive care they are checking his heart.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Sharen


February 20, 2008 Jim went to see the surgeon last week, his ankle is coming along fine.  He had a hard cast put on and has to go back to see the doctor in 3 weeks. He still can not put any weight on the foot and can not drive a car.  He asked to be released from rehab on Thursday.  He is going to his apartment and Pam Miller is going to pick him up on Fri. or Sat.  He is going to Pam and Bills for two weeks. Pam's address is 310 Norris Ave. Sharon Pa. 16146 phone # 1-724-981-2942 He has the next doctors appt. on March 6th. 
Take care Sharen    


February 15, 2008

Dear Frances, Joe and Boys.

                   Thank you so much for remembering us. So thoughtful of you to remember us and was a great day!!! We really had a very full day, receiving many cards, calls.   We went out for dinner and so glad that Jim was able  to go and doing OK , has his good and bad days and gets frustrated that he can’t  do all he wants.  Please convey to all the family on the Family news how much we did appreciated  all the cards,   E-mails , calls that we got.  Hope this will find all well.   Thanks for everything.


                                                             Aunt B.Ann and Uncle Jim


February 12, 2008

Jim is in rehab at the Va. Hosp. in Pa.  He will be there until at least Thurs.  at that time he has a doctors appt. and will find out how the ankle is doing.  The doctor may change the cast at that time.  It is just a matter of wait and see.  Take care Love Sharen


February 6, 2008

Here is the latest on Jim.  As of 4PM est he was still at the hosp. waiting to be transferred to the VA for rehab.  The problem is he is still sick to his stomach. Aunt Gayle talked to him. He was taking a breathing treatment (don't know why). Anyway as soon as I have a phone # and Room # I will let you know. Love Sharen


February 4, 2008

I talked to Jim  a little while ago.  He is having a bad reaction to the meds. they gave him before surgery.  He will be in the hosp. until at least tomorrow.  The surgeon was in today to see him.  He told Jim he had to make a six inch cut on both sides of the ankle.  I am calling Jim back tonight. I will keep you informed of any news.  Take care Love Sharen


February 3, 2008

I just talked to Jimmy he is still all drugged up.  He said the surgery went well. It is his right leg.  He is not to put any weight on it for at least three weeks. I did not ask too many questions because as I said he was still pretty out of it.  I will call him later tonight and find out more.  Love Sharen


David talked to Jimmy at around 7PM our time.  Jim was still pretty much out of it.  So I will email everyone tomorrow(later in the day) after I talk to him.  He doesn't know when they are going to release him, or if he is going home or to rehab. Love Sharen


February 2, 2008

I called Jim, he has a dislocated ankle and it is broken in three places.  He fell on the way to the parking lot early this morning.  He crawled back to the apartment building and got hold of someone that lives there.  They called 911.  The emergency room doctor popped the ankle back into place.  Jim was admitted, and is waiting to here from the surgeon tomorrow.  They will probably operate tomorrow.  I will let you know as soon as I find out more. The hosp. is Good Samaritan Rm# 469 phone# 1717-270-8069  Love Sharen 


I just called Jim again.  The surgeon stopped in to tell him he is going into surgery at 10AM tomorrow morning.  I told Jim I would call the nurses station at around 1PM to see how everything is going. I will email you again after his surgery is complete.  Love Sharen


February 2, 2008 Hello everyone,

Jeremy was accepted to his first choice at Australian Catholic University.  He will begin classes on February 18.  He also received a scholarship from his former school to help him over the next 4 years


February 1, 2008

Hi everyone:  Just wanted to let you know I just received a call from the VA that Jimmy works in PA.  He fell this morning and may have broken his ankle in three places.  They are checking it now so I will let you know as soon as I know more.  Keep him in your prayers please. 

Thank you Love Sharen


February 1, 2008 Joe
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday-- ours were busy too.  Steven was
home from University of Central Florida for a month, and Mike's son
Jared was home for a week from NM (Air Force). Plus we got a puppy for
Lauren-- will send photos in a separate email

attached are photos from the Mediation Garden at our church St Peter
Catholic Church in Jupiter
when I had a brick in memory of Aunt Sue and for my parent's 60th

Thought you might want to add this to the family website.

January 30, 2008 Diane (Gurto) Vorse and Barry Vorse of Jacksonville, Fla, renewed their wedding vows on January 13, 2008, their 40th Wedding Anniversary, at St. Ann Catholic Church, West Palm Beach, Florida where they were married in 1968.

The former Conneaut residents were joined in the celebration by their son Alan Vorse and his wife, Shannon, of Minneapolis, Minn. Also attending the ceremony and family gathering afterwards for an Italian dinner and anniversary cake were the bride’s parents Christy and Peggy Gurto, the bride’s sister (and maid of honor in 1968), Lynne Gurto Quartullo and husband Henry; the bride’s sister (and flower girl in 1968), Michele Gurto DeLong and husband Michael and the couples’ nephew Steven Veil, and niece Lauren Veil.

Diane is employed by the U.S. Department of Labor as an adjudications specialist.  Barry is employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a Senior Public Affairs Specialist.


November 24, 2007

Aunt B-Ann called today to say Uncle Jim had a heart attack yesterday.  They are running tests to make sure he is ok. Please let members of your family know I don't have some of the email addresses on my computer. 

Thanks Sharen 


October 17, 2007 Hi Joe this is a photo of Jim receiving an award at work. You can post it to the website.


October 12, 2007

Hi Joe

I hope all is well. Aaron & Jane just moved into their new apartment. the address is:


Aaron & Jane Moneypenny

1405 S. Emmertsen Rd. #202

Racine, Wisconsin 53405


We'll send some pictures of the wedding next week sometime.




October 9, 2007


Here are a few photos that Sharen and David  (the official photographers) took at Alan's wedding last Saturday. Everything went well.  Everyone traveled to and from Florida, Ohio (and Denver -Michele was there for business) without any delays or lost luggage! 


We went to the kids house to see them open gifts.  The cookbooks you sent are great. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.



Diane & Barry


September 24, 2007 Hi

Jeremy will graduate from high school on Wednesday, September 26th.  Click here to see the announcement.

Joe and Frances

September 18, 2007 Dear Joe,

I wanted to let everyone know that Doug had a courageous and short lived battle with cancer.  He was diagnosed a few weeks ago with liver cancer. The tumor grew aggressively and quickly and the cancer moved to his stomach.  Then it aggressively attacked the kidneys last week and he peacefully left us this afternoon, September 18th, at 3:15 pm.  He was 45 years old.  Much too young to have this horrific disease take him.  Toni, Luke and I are getting through this, yet it is difficult.  Doug loved all the Gurto reunions and enjoyed talking to all the aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Even though he couldn't keep all the juniors and juniors kids' straight , it was always fun when I tested him.  He loved the colored shirts because he sort of thought he knew who belonged to who.  Thank you all for welcoming him into our family 22 years 354 days ago.  Hold on to his memory and love to all.


September 13, 2007

Hi Joe:

I hope all is well with you, Frances and the boys. I have a bit of news to share with the family, so if you would pass it on, I would appreciate it.


I have taken a new job. On October 16th, I will start as the President/CEO of the Door County Visitors Bureau in Door County Wisconsin. Its about three hours north of us at the top of the state. It is a peninsula, with Green bay to the west and Lake Michigan to the east. 322 miles of shoreline, upscale leisure tourist destination.


Susan and I will be selling the house and moving there this Fall. I will commute home on weekends until the house is sold. We have lived in Racine since march 17, 1979 so it will be a bit of an adjustment for us. Ashley moved into an apartment a few months ago with one of her girlfriends and Aaron is getting married on October 13th. So many changes in such a short time.


This is such a great opportunity for us and we are very excited about the possibilities. Once relocated, Susan may opt to reactivate her teaching license and start teaching again, she just hasn't decided as of yet.


We hope everyone in the family is doing well and is as healthy as can be expected.


Our love to all.


Jack & Susan


August 22, 2007

Hello To Everyone ,

                Haven’t checked the Family news for awhile so today have been trying to get caught up on things so thought I’d get a few lines off to you and do hope this finds all well and know busy with everything.  Seems the last time I wrote it was just beginning Spring, etc and now it’s going back to School Time, has been such a fast summer!!!   Jim and I did get to the Reunion and know that Sharen sent the pictures, I got all the books back as last year they had thought it would be a good idea to have them all put on CD,s but guess Joyce and her girls tried and was too difficult as so many were from old pictures and clippings so I will still try to keep them up think we have about 8 albumns now so have to get them caught up but really people don’t send that much so is mainly the pictures that we take at the Reunion.

                Jim has not been well having trouble with his back, etc—had him in the hospital for a few days and the heart, lungs,are Ok but has all this pain in back and they say he has sprained it and will take time for it to heal, and he just can’t take a lot of pain medication as gets very nauseous, then he got the hic-cups and took a long time to get rid of them, said from vomiting had got the diaphragm  upset so that was the cause of the hic-cups . so finally got everything settled and he has had no more problems so far, but still far from feeling good and taking it easy.  He goes back to the Dr. to-morrow so hope we get some good news,  We had planned to leave for Jan and Dave’s this week-end for 10 days, but have had to cancel out as would be to much for Jim and is a long trip and can’t get there Non Stop so will just have to wait till he is feeling better. 

                Nancy sold her house last month and moved into a new Condo and it is very nice and glad she doesn’t have all the worries of keeping up the yard, etc and all the other things that had to be done.  With both the boys away she had it all to do so now she has no worries.  She just got back from visiting Jan and dave and had a great time was there for 10 days so they really got to see Seattle and all the surrounding areas.  Their new home is very nice and they have done a lot in the short time they have been there.  Patti is very busy and just got back from London, she will be taking Kelley to school this week-end Penn State so they have been busy getting things ready to go, we went over Sunday to celebrate Kelley’s 19th Birthday.  Jenna is in 11th grade and already practicing for the Cheerleaders so school starts next Monday.

              Think I have brought you up on all our news and do hope this finds all well and all Our Love to Everyone,

B,Ann and Jim


June 30, 2007 Hi to all of you Down Under. All well here. I am using a co-worker' desktop to look at the website. Our computer is on the blink. We just ordered a new one AND will be back to a faster system. Hope the reunion is a fun one for all . None of us will be attending . Dad is better but still dealing with a wound that will not close. Time will heal. I fell and fractured my shoulder humerus bone, OUCH!!. not bouncing off the walls anymore, Work is good at the new spa and salon even  though it is summer we arte more year round for business. Thanks for all you do.

Stay well and Happy


June 30, 2007 Hey Joe, I hope all is well. Things here are well. I have a few pictures I wanted to send you for the website.

back row, Aaron, Kailey, Jane (Aaron's fiancee'), Ashley, John ( Ashley's boyfriend) and Mason, (John's son) front row, Zach, Stacey, (Zach's girlfriend), Jean, (Susan's Mother), Susan, Jack and our dog Tobie This picture was taken on father's day.

This picture is of Jack and Susan at the Brewer's game on June 24th.

We hope all is well with you and your family, give our best to Frances and the boys.



June 28, 2007

Hi Joe and all,


 I will send you some pictures of the front of our house.  We won the Project Pride for May.


Someone sent in our address and it is for old houses that have been fixed up,  I will try to send


the pictures and you can see if you would like to put it on the web.  Uncle Pat did alot of work


I took the pictures from my phone. 

I am going back to work on July 9, if no more problems with my arm.

Recovery from this was long with all that took place after the fact. Oh Well Take care.

   Love Aunt Gayle


June 23, 2007 Frances and I attended the Good Food and Wine Show at Darling Harbour.  We met, got autographs and photos with Ainsley Harriott and Donna Hay - celebrity chefs.


June 18, 2007 On Friday June 16, Frances was invited to have an audience with the Dalai Lama.  Here are some photos.


June 17, 2007 Here are some photos of Samantha's Graduation.


June 16, 2007 I spoke to my Mom today.  She has just returned from Florida.  She said that she took Aunt Effie to the Hospital today as she had a fall the other day and broke some ribs.


June 15, 2007



Hi!  How are you doing?


In lieu of mailed invitations, we decided last year to have the invitation posted on the web site.


Attached is the invitation.   If you could post it, would you please send an e-mail to all of us?


Thank you very much.  We all greatly appreciate all your hard work on your web site.




June 14, 2007 Pam sent Alex's graduation announcement to all the family.
June 7, 2007



Just wanted to send a few pictures of Jeff's graduation and his senior picture.  We are getting ready for his open house this weekend. 

Take care and thanks again Joe, for the wonderful job you do on the Gurto Family Website!




June 6, 2007 Here are some more photos of Lauren and Steven and Steven's official Graduation photo.
June 2, 2007

We vacationed last week in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, the TVA and Lake George in Tennessee and Cherokee, NC

Arrived in town and picked up a local newspaper to find out that Dolly Parton was performing a special benefit concert.  We were able to get tickets and three hours later we were enjoying her show. She is quite an entertainer.  She has done so much for her hometown and the surrounding area and everyone loves her!   Spent the day at Dollywood theme park (nice-right in the hills and lots of trees and shade).  Drove up one side of the Smokey Mountains and down the other side (with lots of switchbacks) to Cherokee, NC and Harrah's Casino. Didn't win any large amounts of cash so we returned to work the following week after a fun mini-vacation. 


We won't be able to attend the Gurto Family Reunion this year.  Barry is going to Ohio over a long weekend to visit his parents and attend the Vorse Family Reunion in late July.  Then we will be going to Minneapolis in the Fall for Alan and Shannon's Wedding on September 29th.

Diane and Barry

June 1, 2007 Joe

Attached is graduation photo of Steven and some info for the website.

Steven Michael Veil graduated May 22, 2007 from William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Steven received Florida Medallion Scholarship & graduated with science honors. He was a member of Science National Honor Society and the treasurer of the Key Club.

Steven was accepted at Georgia Tech, University of Miami (FL) and the University of Central Florida. He will attend University of Central Florida in Orlando and will begin studying for his degree in Engineering in August.

We had an open house on Sunday with his family and friends. Steven has really taken an interest in photography, so he recently purchased a new Canon digital camera and extra lenses and accessories, so he can continue to work on his photography.

Steven works part time at an architectural firm and loves the beach, boating, & skimboarding-- which is one reason he chose to stay in Florida for college.

All of us are proud of his accomplishments, but even more so, we are proud of the fine young man that he is.

Will send more photos soon.


May 27, 2007 Dear Joe and Family,

All is well here, just busy with everything and now so much outside work to be done, but it is getting done slow but sure!!!  Just got my outside hanging baskets made and flowers transplanted so now hope for some rain as we really do need it.

       The family is all well, busy with everything as Kelley will be graduating the *8th” so Patti has been away and just got back from India again so now busy with  all the coming up things.  Kelley has done well and received some honors both in Academics and Sports as has been in Cheerleading all four years and Capt.  this year.. She will be going to Penn State and loo9king forward to it so much.  Her party is June 3oth.  Guess we will have 5 graduating this year from the families. Know it will be Jeffrey, Alex, Steven , Samantha and Kelley.   We will be having  some type of a picnic this weekend, Nancy will be coming and will get together with Patti and all.

Talked with Janice today and  they are very busy getting their new home landscaped, etc. they moved from Dallas to Deming. Wa. (near border of “Vancouver) as Dave works in BC.  We haven’t been able to get out to see them as Jim is not up for traveling yet so hopefully we will be able to do  it this summer.  Amanda is  still at OK. University and has another term to do this fall as she was out for one term with Mono so will graduate in Dec.  Jim is holding his own but far from up to Par, just can’t seem to get any extra strength and gets upset as can’t do what he wants to do, but still putters in his Shop.  Having some difficulty with walking any distant, etc.     

So we take each day and make the most of it and Thank God we have had so many years together and can’t believe our 60th will be coming up next year!!!!

         Talked with Gayle yesterday and she is slowly recuperating form her Surgery but still having problems with her arm, etc. says she hasn’t heard yet when she will go back for the other 2 stents that she has to have done, one in the Knee and other into kidney.  Flora called today too and says was pouring rain there and no-one had any big plans for a get together for Monday, guess your Mom is still in Fl.

Love Aunt B-Ann and Uncle Jim

May 20, 2007 Hi,

My mom told me that Samantha will be graduating on June 5.


May 20, 2007



Jeff graduates on Saturday, June 3,  and his open house will be on Saturday, June 9th.  I will be sending invitations.  He will be attending Kent State in the fall.   Toni has just finished her third year at Kent State and made the President's list.   She will be student teaching (high school math) at Twinsburg High School in the fall. 


Take care,



May 20, 2007 Hi Sharen (excerpt of email from Aunt B-Ann to Sharen)

I just got a call from Sherry and she was on her way to Erie as Gayle has not been able to get home since she had her surgery Wed.  they did the 2 stents in her heart and one in the groin and will be going back to do the other in leg and kidney.  I talked with Gayle Wed. night and she sounded pretty good but was having trouble with the IV’S,etc.  Sherry said they were going to go in  and do some kind of surgery today and Pat was already there so hope all will go well for them.  I know she said she didn’t plan on staying in the hospital except over nite


May 19, 2007 I spoke to my mother this morning and she told me that Aunt Gayle had to have another operation

I really don't know any more at this time.


May 19, 2007

Hope all is well with the family--


Busy here as Steven graduates High School on Tuesday--

and we are having his open house this Sunday-


Will send you photos etc soon.


Have you received any other graduation news????


May 15, 2007


I talked to Aunt Gayle yesterday.  She has to go into the hospital Wednesday.  She has four blockages, two in her heart, one in the groin, and one in the knee.  They are going to put in stints.  Keep her in your prayers.

Love Sharen


May 15, 2007


I just wanted to let you know, if you didn't hear, that my Aunt Elinor passed away early Sunday morning at her home. 




April 10,2007

Barry and I visited the family in South Florida for Easter weekend.  Dad was able to go to Easter Mass then to Lynne and Henry's for Easter dinner later in the day.  He has lost 20 pounds since his surgery (February 28th) so he needs to build up his strength and muscles. His appetite is good. The doctor wants him to lift light weights to regain the muscle/strength in his arms.  He is getting stronger and is able to do more walking and is able to go up and down the stairs of their house.  He can't drive yet and I know he is anxious to get behind the wheel again.


A nurse is still coming in every day to inspect his wound and change the bandages.  The incision needs to heal from the inside out so it is a slower healing process and he still has pain. The doctors are happy with his results.  The cancer was stage 1, thus he WILL NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY CHEMOTHERAPY.  Good news! 


Mom is a really good nurse.  It has been difficult and exhausting for her too.  She takes care of Dad as well as the things around the house that Dad normally does.  She is anxious for him to resume "garbage detail" and other household chores!


Thank you all for your prayers and concern.  He received a lot of heartfelt cards, well wishes and flowers.  Knowing that so many family members are thinking of him has really lifted his sprit and he truly appreciates you.


Love to all,



March 1, 2005 My dad’s surgery went well.  He will be in ICU for a few days.

Will keep you informed


February 12, 2007 Hi Joe!

Keeping Uncle Chris in our prayers.  Just a note to add to family news.  Toni Ward has also been accepted into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education at Baldwin Wallace College.  Her induction is Sunday, March 25.  She is majoring in Middle Childhood Education with her two areas of study being math and science.  She is also in 3rd year at Baldwin Wallace College.  She'll be student teaching next spring and graduating in spring of 2008.

Love, Brenda
February 9, 2007

FYI:  His recent colonoscopy showed an area of concern and they want to remove it.  His surgery is scheduled for February 28th, and his doctor says he will be in the hospital from 5 to 7 days. 


I plan to go down to Palm Beach Gardens and stay with my Mom and get her back and forth to the hospital starting February 27th through the weekend.

My cell phone number is (904)553-3868.  I'll keep you posted.


Please send cards and get well wishes to him at home:


Christy Gurto

3313 C North Meridian Way

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410





January 29, 2007

Hi Everyone David was in a ice fishing tournament today.  He took first place in the largest Northern category.  The fish was 36 inches long and weighted 15 pounds.

Love Sharen 

November 21, 2006


    Toni Rae was one of twelve students to be initiated as a member into the Delta Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education founded in 1911, at Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio on Sunday, November 19, 2006.

    Kappa Delta Pi encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions to education. 

    Toni Rae is in her 3rd year at Kent State University studying in the field of Integrated Math Education. 


Thank you,


November 4, 2006
Uncle Tony passed away.
October 20, 2006
Joe and Frances are travelling to the US for a three week vacation
October 17, 2006
Lorraine is in Florida for 4 weeks visiting her Sister and Mother and attending a family wedding.
September 20, 2006



I just wanted to give you an update on my dad.  I previously emailed you that he has prostate cancer and they are treating it with hormone therapy (one shot and maybe another in December).


Now, from the bone marrow biopsy performed several months ago, which one doctor said was negative and a different doctor now says he has MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome).  in which the bone marrow does not function normally, causing shortages of one or more cell types in the blood, and the bone marrow does not produce enough blood cells.  It can range from mild anemia to leukemia.  This is why he is having to have blood given to him so often.  I don't think there is much treatment for this. 


Joe and I will be going on Tuesday to talk to his doctor and I will keep you updated.


Please keep him in your prayers.

Love, Dana


September 12, 2006 Hi All,

            Just a note today to  let you know that Jim is back home again after another week in hospital, had to rush him back on the 1st as was having difficulty breathing so after 2  days in ICU finally got him stabilized and is the valve in heart and  open heart surgery would  be the answer but not in his condition and age, so they have got him on medications and he will have to slow down ,etc.  He has got much better and stronger since home so hope this will continue,  Have had visiting Nurses and Therapy coming  almost every day and they have helped him a lot and so hope this keeps up,   I’m keeping busy with being Nurse and all the other things that are going on.!!  

                                                                                                                                                               Love, B.Ann


August 27, 2006 I just wanted to update everyone on my Dad.  He is doing really well and feeling a lot better.  He sounded like his old self the last time I talked to him.  Thank you everyone for thinking of him.  I'll keep you updated on him! 


August 26, 2006 Hello,

We have had another family tragedy.  Brandy's husband Rocky was found dead on Friday, the 25th.  I'll post more information as soon as it comes to hand.


August 26, 2006

Hi All,

       Haven’t been on the computer too much so trying to get caught up today.  Guess you all know that Jim went into hospital on the 13th and finally got the blockage in intestines cleared up by the stomach pump for 3 days.  Then a week ago he developed pneumonia so had to get that problem solved and came home Monday (overnight) and then had to take him back as he was having breathing problems again so he is still there and hopefully will get things settled soon, he seems to be doing a  lot better and hope to get him home sometime over the week end.  They have brought  some Oxygen, etc today so guess will have to use them till he gets better.  Has been a      hectic time !!!Other than that everything else is doing OK.   Nancy is back in school and the girls start next week.  Patti is moving now and the house sold so they will be closing on it soon.  So has been a very busy time for everyone.  Hope Frank that this will find things going better for you and no problems with the treatments, etc/

        No more news so will sign off.  Have talked with Conneaut so  they are all up to date on things.     Love, B.Ann


August 16, 2006

Health update.  Uncle Tony is back in the hosp.  Aunt Effie was in last week hopefully they are both out and doing well.  Uncle Jim is in. He has an intestinal blockage, they are trying to correct it without operating, but they may have to operate.  Keep them all in your prayers. 

Love Sharen

July 29, 2006 Hello,

Having lived in Australia for 19 years, last Thursday evening, July 27, 2006, I attended a ceremony in which I became an Australian Citizen.  I still retain my US citizenship.


July 14, 2006 Thought you would enjoy the photo of Steven at the Boys State Leadership Conference Hosted by the American Legion in Tallhassee, FL.

Steven spent a week learning about state, county & city government.


June 20, 2006

Could you put a reminder on the web that my mom and dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary is July 3rd.  I know cards would be appreciated.  Their address is:


Christy & Peggy Gurto

3313C North Meridian Way

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410-5065



Looking forward to seeing you this fall.



June 3, 2006 We are all pretty busy here too.  I am getting a new kitchen installed in my classroom that I have been trying to get since I started there 4 years ago.

Frances' company is about to move to a new building in the city which will cause a bit of commotion and disruption for her.

Dominic and Timothy are doing very well at University and they only have one week to go before the first semester is finished.  Then they have a study week and then a week and a half of exams before they get two and a half weeks vacation.

Jeremy is doing well in his studies as well.  He is still uncertain about what he wants to in the future.  He has three weeks left in this term and then, after his two weeks school holidays, he has only 11 weeks left in year 11.  He will start year 12 in October and graduate next September.

The weather here has been very cool and fresh.  We have been lighting fires in the fireplace for the past several weeks now.  We are on our second load of firewood already and winter's just begun.  We only went through one load in the whole of last year.

All our love to all of you.  Look after yourselves.



June 3, 2006 Hi, I talked to Aunt B Ann last night and Uncle Jim is in ICU. He was having some problems and instead of him coming home he went to ICU. Needs all the prayers that we can send him.

The kids have two more days of school for this year. yeaaaaa

I an still working six and seven days a week. Pat is busy with the yard work. His foot is still bad.

Nothing more can be done so he walks with a limp and is in a lot of pain most of the time.

Sherry is working part time at the Moose and the schools. That is it

for now, take care.

Aunt Gayle

June 2, 2006

Hi Everyone.  I just got a call from Aunt B-Ann.  Uncle Jim had to have gallbladder surgery yesterday.  They did the laser surgery.  He is doing well.  No more news for now.  Keep Uncle Jim and family in your prayers.

Love Sharen

April 16, 2006 We are celebrating Easter with Toni Ward who is visiting us for a few days.  See the photos on the Vacations page.


April 7, 2006 Joe,

I thought you might want to add this to the website, This is how my dad is celebrating being 85 years young, having dinner with Susan Lucci (Erica Cane All My Children soap star)

Hope all is well with you-- heard your US trip is cancelled :(


March 30, 2006

Hi Everyone Just a quick update.  Aunt Effie had her surgery today.  I just got a forwarded email from Jim. Pam Lewis emailed him to say the surgery went well.  Effie has to stay in overnight.  Pat and Gayle took her to the hosp. and stayed until she came out of recovery.  It took 2 hours instead of 1.  She did have some bleeding but they got it stopped.  Tomorrow Gayle is going to go back to pickup Effie and take her home. She is restricted as far as what she can and can not do for two weeks at least.  Keep her in your prayers. Love Sharen

March 27, 2006 (A little Schneider update.

Dan's retiring this year.

I'm a candidate for the superintendent position in my district. ( I must be nuts to want more stress!) We have 2 weddings this year!

Matt & Steph are getting married in June.

(He's still coaching and working as a sales rep.) Mindi & Geoff are getting married on New Year's Eve.

(She's teaching math and science at the high school.) Missy is still with the same firm in D.C. working on a huge anti-trust case involving the U.S. Justice Dept.

Mikey will graduate from Duke in May and then attend graduate school for his MBA and play his last year of collegiate football. He's hoping to be invited to the Combine next spring for the NFL draft. If that doesn't happen, he wants to coach at the collegiate level or go into business. That's it. As you can see, we're all pretty busy and just hanging in there.)

Everyone take care.

Love to all,



March 25, 2006

Hi everyone.  This is an update on Aunt Effie.  She has to go in on Mar. 29th to have a pacemaker installed.  She will be in over night.  She will back in Hamot hosp.  in Erie.  I talked to her last week.  She didn't sound to good.  But that is just how I felt after talking to her.  Please keep her in your prayers. 

Love Sharen

March 16, 2006



I just returned from my vacation in Italy with Toni...IT WAS WONDERFUL!   My friends and I visited Rome and Venice and then took a train to Florence to stay with Toni for a week.  She was such a great tour guide and showed us all the museums and sights.  We ate delicious meals everyday accompanied with a "few liters" of wine every night!  We also took a wine tasting tour in the Tuscan area, it was a beautiful day riding through the area seeing olive trees, acres and acres of vineyards and Tuscan villas on the hillsides.  We enjoyed a lunch in a little village prepared by "Mamma Gina and her daughter, Paoula!   Florence was so full of history and I felt like I was back in time walking on the cobblestone streets. 

    Toni looks so "European" and fits right in with the rest of the Italians!  I was so proud of her translating for us too, it was very helpful!  I hated to end my vacation and it was so hard to leave Toni in Italy.  But I know she'll have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and I was so glad to have been able to make the trip to make our own special memories together.

    I would go back in a minuted.  I LOVED ITALY! 




March 12, 2006 Dana is in Italy visiting Toni - see photo on vacations page
March 11, 2006

Hi Everyone I got an email from Jim Friday.  He said Aunt Effie has to have a pacemaker put in.  The doctor will do it in 3 to 6 weeks, he wants her to recoup for a while.  Johnny is still in Conneaut and is planning on leaving Mon. or Tues. 

Love Sharen

March 7, 2006

Hi Everyone Again:  Jim just called me here is the latest on Aunt Effie.  They cleared out two arteries  on the left side.  The other one was blocked about 90% they could not completely get that one cleared if was clotted so bad.  They where about to get it to 75%.  They could not do anything about the leaky valve.  But will be able to control it with medication.  She is going to be in the hosp.  at least until tomorrow.  So they had watch her on the new medication for an extra day.  That is all so far. 

Love Sharen

March 7, 2006

Thanks.  Mom just called a few minutes ago and said that Gayle gave them an update.  Able to open one of the blockages on one side but not the others.  At least some good news, but were all hoping for better results.


March 6, 2006

Hi Everyone.  Jim called about 3:30PM he said the doctor had just come out to talk to Johnny.  They went in and did as much work as they could.  He wanted to do more, but couldn't at this time.  She will be in the hosp. until at least Weds.  Then they will have to see how she is doing.  They are going to try to control the rest of the condition with medication.

Love Sharen 

March 5, 2006

Hi Everyone:  I just talked to Aunt Gayle and my brother.  Aunt Effie is going to be operated on Monday morning.  They are going to try to unblock the two blockages and repair the one valve.  So please keep her in your prayers.  John and family arrived safely they went right to the hosp. to see her.  Jim is in Conneaut also, he plans on staying at least until she has the operation.  That is all I know for now.  John is staying by his Moms. 
Love Sharen

March 4, 2006

Hi Everyone again.  I just talked to my brother.  He talked to Gayle and she told him they are going to decide what they are going to do for Aunt Effie on Monday.  If anyone what's to send a card or call she is in Hamot hosp.  in Erie Pa.  the phone # is 814-877-4528 rm # 528. 
Take care Love Sharen


March 3, 2006

Hi Everyone.  I just got a call from John.  He said his Mom is not doing good.  They couldn't put any stints in the heart.  She has three blockages of the heart and there are problems with her kidneys.  So if doesn't look good at all.  John, Pam and Emilee are heading to Conneaut tomorrow morning.  Please keep Aunt Effie and her family in your prayers.  Aunt Effie is in the Hosp. in Erie. When I hear any more I will let you know, or if you hear anything email me and let me know.  Remember say a prayer for Aunt Effie, and also for John, Pam and Emilee that they have a safe trip to Conneaut. 

Love Sharen

March 2, 2006

Hi Everyone:  Just wanted to let you know that Aunt Effie will be going into the Hosp.  Friday.  She has to have her heart checked as she has been having problems again.  Please keep her in your prayers.  I think Gayle said she is going to the hosp. in Erie.  If anyone has more information please forward it to everyone thanks. 


February 26, 2006

Aunt B-Ann called to ask me to email everyone.  Bob died this morning.  There will not be a viewing, but there will be a memorial service on Sat.  If you don't see a family member on the email list, please let them know. 

Thank you Love Sharen

February 13, 2006

Toni called me, Thursday evening to say she arrived.  She is having a great time!  Her roommates are an Australian girl, a Japanese girl, and a Korean girl.  She says they are all very nice.  She's been at the beach already!  Tomorrow she starts orientation so the first week she'll still be getting familiar with things. We've e-mailed everyday and she sent pictures of kangaroos that are all over the place.  She said it's sort of like squirrels.She absolutely loves it.  We miss her but she is having the time of her life!  Her e-mail address is I'll keep you updated on everything.


February 9, 2006

Just thought I'd let you know that Toni boarded her plane to Australia at 5:20 this evening, Feb. 8th, 2006.  She should arrive in Brisbane, Australia Friday morning at 7:45 AM.  It will be a great experience, but we certainly will miss her!! She starts her semester at the University of Sunshine Coast on Fe. 13th. She'll return home June 20th. I'll contact you about her break in April so that she can spend a few days in Sydney.

 Love always, Brenda

January 15, 2006

Thanks Joe Aunt Gayle called.  She said he just closed his eyes.  It was nice that most of his family was there for him when he really need them. 
Love Sharen

January 15, 2006

Hello family,
I’m sure that most of you have heard, but Uncle Frank passed away at about 3:45 p.m. today, January 15, 2006.  May he rest in peace.

January 10, 2005

Hi,  I just wanted to let you know Toni Rae arrived in Firenze (Florence) safely this morning (Monday, January 9) after a LONG trip.  I'm anxiously awaiting to hear from her and what her first impression of Italy is.  I'll keep you updated on her travels and adventures while she is there.

 Love, Dana

January 4, 2005

I've talked to Kim a lot these past few months and have heard how Frank's doing.  Right now he has stopped taking the morphine patches because they are suppose to last at least 3 days and that's not enough for him. Now he gets morphine (shots or pills?) twice a day at 7 am and 7 pm. 280 mg each time. Morphine deadens the pain but keeps the patient sleeping. So tell family do not get frustrated that you cannot speak to Frank cause he's "sleeping all the time".  If you want to do anything I suggest sending him cards to let him know you are thinking of him. I don't think Get Well cards are appropriate maybe Thinking of You cards would be best.


December 1, 2005

The compassionate friends are holding their annual lights around the world candle lighting on Dec. 11.  this year.  It is at 7PM  If you can not go to a meeting place you can light a candle at home.  In memory of a child (no matter what age) that has been called home too soon.  As you light the candle just say the name of the child you are remembering.  If you could, light a candle for Pam I would appreciate it.  We will be going to Oak Creek to light the candles.  That is where the Children's garden and the wall with the names of the children is located. Thank You for doing this for us.  Love Sharen 

November 18, 2005

Just thought maybe everyone would like to know that Toni Ward is going to Australia in Feb. She will spend the entire semester studying in Brisbane, Australia. She'll be back to the states in June. Hopefully she can spend Easter with Joey. It's only about 12 hrs north of Sydney and quick puddle jumper flights are available. It's too bad we have no spring break this year because of the building of new schools, so I don't think I can make a visit. Hopefully she doesn't fall head over heels with some Aussie dude and not come home! She'll do fine, but I know I will miss her tremendously.

Love, Brenda


November 17, 2005

I thought you might be interested in knowing that Toni will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy for spring semester 2006...she is leaving January 7 and will return May 13.....she is SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!   I'm a little nervous.  I'm planning on visiting her in March, I thought it might coincide with Michele's trip, but I guess they are going in May now, so I'm a disappointed it couldn't have been when Toni is there. 
She has been taking Italian at Kent State and will also take it while she is studying in Italy.  She will also be travelling on weekend trips during her semester there.



November 16, 2005

Hi Sharen! I just got your e-mail and wanted to update you on my Mom.  She is still in the hospital—they just moved her last night to the Physical Therapy floor and she will start that today.  She will be there for at least 5 days and then the doctors will decide if she is able to come home or not.  We still don’t know how we are going to get her back to Wexford!!!  We are just taking things one day at a time.  She is in pretty good spirits; but in a lot of pain.  She has her right arm in a cast above the elbow and had a rod and pins put in her hip.  Her recovery from the hip surgery is going to be difficult because of the broken wrist.  They are trying to rig up a walker with a trough in front for her to rest her arm in.  Anyway; thanks for your concern—I don’t have the hospital address with me here at school but I will get it to you tomorrow.    On another note; Bob is back in the hospital now—he hasn’t been well for a couple of weeks so I am not sure what is happening.  His blood work is all screwed up (white blood count dangerously low; bili rubin high) so they are running tests etc.  I took him to PGH last night to be admitted so I hope they can figure something out.  Gotta go—my students are coming in.  Take care…




November 15, 2005 BAnn was at her niece’s wedding in Long Island, NY, this past weekend.  She was leaving the dance floor, her heel got caught, and she fell.  She broke her hip and right arm…don’t have much detail.
- Jim Speer
November, 15, 2005 Mindi Schneider is engaged.
October 11, 2005 Update on Frank.  He's still hanging in there. Has good and bad days.  He's on morphine now. HOSPICE visits him weekly. Kim is with him.  He doesn't drive anymore. Doesn't sleep well.
September 21, 2005


Dominic and Timothy are Graduating from High School


August 29, 2005






John just found out he has 5 partial to moderate blockages in his arteries, so his doctor wants to do another heart cath in a couple of weeks.  He's not overly concerned but wants to go in and check it out.  I for one hope they are blocked enough so that he can repair them.  If they aren't at least 70% they won't fix them.  So if they aren't, then we just have to continue to worry about them getting more blocked and causing another heart attack.  I'm sure all will work out OK though. - Pam Lewis


August 2005


Uncle Frank was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.


August 2005


Lorraine is in Florida helping her sister look after her husband who is in a coma.