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#4 JULY 12 1975

Hosted by Rosie & Bob Speer

We welcome into the Family This Year

We Say "Good-Bye" to

Alan Vorse John Moneypenny

  Minutes of the Meeting


Gurto Family Reunion

The fourth annual reunion of the Gurto’s Family was held on Saturday July 12th 1975 at the home of Robert Speer 715 Wrights Ave.  There were forty-five members present and out of town guests.  The gathering was opened with a wonderful dinner being served by the host and hostess.

Next was games and fun.  Volleyball, Horseshoes, football and many other games.  Pat and Gayle Gurto donated the pool for this year.  Then the president called a meeting for everyone.  James Gurto opened the meeting by the secretary Joyce M. Gurto reading the minutes of the last reunion.  Then the hostess took over by thanking Effie & Bill for the use of their home, yard.  Then the hostess gave a gift to Effie Lewis for her appreciation.  The president thanked everyone for their help.  Susie made a motion that all ten Gurto’s to bring a dish and the host & hostess to tell them what to take, it was seconded by Mary Moneypenny.  It was voted and passed, and it was also voted & passed we bring our own bottles and the host & hostess get the ice, mixes, and beer.

Christy made a motion to leave the reunion as it is.  It was seconded by Rose Speer.  Everyone voted, the yes vote won and the reunion stays as it is.  Then all the out of town guests were thanked for coming to the reunion.  All married couples are to pay $15.00 dollars.  Rose Speer is in charge of all current events.  It was voted and passed.  One member of the family John Moneypenny, now deceased.  He is missed.  The meeting was then closed by our president and supper was than served by Rose & Bob.

       Everyone visited with each other.  The next reunion will be held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Christy Gurto, West Palm Beach, Fla. On July 10th, 1976.

       See everyone next year.

Your secretary, Joyce M. Gurto