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#5 JULY  10 1976

Hosted by Christy and Peggy Gurto

Celebrating the bicentennial of the United States of America

We welcome into the Family This Year

Matt Schneider
Bob Burford
Kim Hackett
Pam Waldoch
Nick Gurto

Minutes of the Meeting 


Pre Reunion Meeting

The fifth family reunion meeting was held at Susie’s, Thur. July 8th, at approximately 6:30 p.m.

       All ten (10) Gurto’s were present and your sec. Joyce M. Gurto.

       The meeting was opened with Susie suggesting that each one speak with a family voice of opinion, and an open mind, friendly, and appreciation so everyone can have a happy time.

       The minutes of the previous meeting were read by your sec.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read by your sec.  The minutes were approved as read.  They were read individually and by all members of the family.

       Our pres. James Gurto was in charge of conduction the meeting.

       First motion was made by Susie to have young adults keep up the annual reunion.  Points of contention with the young adults; money too high, don’t have two meals, they would like one large meal, dessert, cocktail hour, then snacks.

       This idea was discussed.  Another idea was to eliminate money and bring a dish.  This was suggested by Mary, Effie, Jim, Christy, Frank thought it should stay as is.  Pro and cons for and against the changes were discussed at length.  It was voted to leave the rules of the reunion as is now.  The voting procedure was majority ruled.



I.       Reunion plans stay as they are; $15.00 per married couple and their children.  Each original ten (10) Gurto’s will bring a dish.  Young couples may, if they desire to, also bring a dish.  They may offer their services to the host and hostess.  High School Graduates and older are entitled to bring a friend.  Any unexpected house guests that are visiting a family member are more than welcome to come to the reunion.  However, please notify the host if it is possible.

II.     Also ask the young married couples if they would like to take the responsibility of having their turn to host the family reunion, maybe with the help of their parents.

III.    The main family meeting will be held prior to the reunion, with only the ten (10) Gurto’s attending.  The main items of interest and complaints and ideas will be discussed.  Another meeting will be held on the day of the reunion with everyone involved taking part.

IV.    Rosie will be in charge of gathering information on current events within the families.  Members are requested to call at least once a month or when ever convenient as the events occur.  Rosie will in turn transfer tis information to our historian for the family book of records.

Gurto Family Reunion

The Family Reunion hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Christy Gurto, open meeting was held Saturday the 10th of July 1976, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lewis 717 Wrights Ave.  James Gurto opened the meeting and then the host took over.  First, he thanked Bill and Effie for the use of their home, yard, and hospitality. Then he thanked Pat and Gayle for the use of their pool.  Also all brothers and friends and relatives that helped put up the tent.  Bull Jury was thanked for lumber.  Then he thanked all married couples for their donations of food for the dinner.  Next the business part of the meeting got started. Minutes of the previous meeting were read by our secretary Joyce Gurto.

They were approved and read.  Nancy Burford suggested at the time of the original parents turn the reunion again, that if one of their children would like to host the reunion they could.  Joyce agreed.  Diane agreed, Sheila agreed, Carrie agreed.  Jim asked how it will start over again as far as turns are concerned.  Carrie idea was to leave it up to the host and hostess.  Sharon idea was married couples draw names.  Dan thoughts were to keep the reunion as it was originally planned.  Tony Gurto made a motion to leave it as is.  It was seconded by B Ann Gurto.  Everyone voted.  The yes vote won and reunion stays as is.  Tony suggested for the current events and scrap book we have personal meetings before the reunion.  Rose Speer is in charge of all current events.  Everyone is to report all events to her monthly if possible so she can get the events to our historian, B Ann Gurto.

Then it will be shown before lunch.  Ellen Gurto will say Grace before lunch.  Serving time will be 12:30.  A beautiful dinner was served by our host and hostess.  Christy and Peggy Gurto.  Games were played by young and old.  Michele Gurto was in charge of the games.  Some of which were bounce ball, fish, pitched pennies, piņata, races, swimming, and many others.  Christy suggested that Bill and Effie would not have to pay, seconded by Joe Gurto, voted and passed.  Tony made a motion that Mary would not have to pay, seconded by James Gurto, voted and passed.  Last minute thought brought Christy back to the floor for an announcement, as an added attraction that any member that had not been voted into the family, should be at this time.

Carrie Lewis was put in the circle and asked her good points and bad.  Everyone agreed she should be at this time.  Next were Bob and Millie.  They were also accepted.  Next was Dan, Sheila’s husband, it was debatable but seeing as he was already in, he was voted and accepted.  Barry Vorse was eight late in getting his harassment, voted in.  Neil, some of his points were his good looks, defects – bad friends, was accepted on a temporary basis.  An extra entertainment was provided by Carrie Lewis’s hillbilly stomp.  David Gurto’s love life was discussed, he wasn’t very co-operative.  Tony Gurto made a motion to close the meeting, seconded by Joyce Gurto, voted, meeting closed.

The next family reunion will be held July 9th, 1977 with Tony & Ellen Gurto being the host and hostess.

Your secretary, Joyce M. Gurto.