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#6 JULY 9 1977

Hosted by Tony & Ellen Gurto

Minutes of the Meeting


Gurto Family Reunion

The sixth family reunion of the Gurto Familywas held on Saturday July 9th, 1977 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Gurto, 575 Dorman Road, Conneaut, Ohio.  There were 58 members present and five guests.  Two membes were absent, David Waldoch family and Barry Vorse family.  They were missed.

       The day got started with cocktails and greetings and conversation by all.  Then the host & hostess told everyone to line up for the delicious dinner and supper.  Grace was said by Susie Petrovski.  A variety of different dishes were available.

       Then everyone hit the backyard for fun& games.  Volleyball, horseshoes, fishing, bivath, and bingo.  Bingo was won by Joe, Effie, Susie, Sherry, Lorraine, Jim, Johnny, Millie.  Millie and Johnny Lewis won cover all.

       Then the president called order for the meeting, and the secretary read the minutes of the last reunion by Joyce M. Gurto.  The president the host & hostess for putting on the reunion, completely alone and all went well.  New and old ideas were discussed by the members and their families.  Tony Gurto made a motion to rent a tent every year, and seconded by Gayle Gurto.  It was voted and passed.  Tony said the tent was $51.00 per year and we will have to pay 6 dollars per family and Tony Gurto will take care of the rental on the tent every year and will have to have money send with the invitations.  It was voted and passed.  A motion was made by Gayle Gurto to give the $1.00 toward gifts for the kids.  It was voted and passed.

       The next family reunion the ten Gurto family will pay $21.00 and everyone else will have to pay $15.00 with discretion for the hostess.  A yes vote won.

       Next year the ten Gurto’s will have a reunion alone for their meeting.  Only hardship cases will not pay.  New business.  No rules will change until all ten Gurto’s reunion are over, as previously started.  Everyone will help Mary & Susie with their reunion if they are asked?  Want to thank Tony & Ellen Gurto for a wonderful, entertaining, fulfilled day.

       This event was attended by all members from near and far, Wexford, Pa., Sharon,Pa.,  Marietta, Ohio, West Palm Beach Florida, Cleveland, Ohio, Painsville, Ohio and the rest from Conneaut, Ohio.

       Mary made a motion that B-Ann Gurto be our historian, and all officers stay as is unless they want to resign.  It was seconded by Christy Gurto.  Thanks to Jim Speer, and David Gurto for bartender and also their donations.  Also thanks to Pat Gurto for setting up the tent & preparing for the reunion.  And thanks to Christy Gurto for helping too.  Want to thank Dana and Madeline for helping.

       Rose Speer made a motion to close the meeting and seconded by Susie Petrovski. Voted, meeting closed.

       The next family reunion will be held July 1978 with Mary Moneypenny being the hostess.

       See you all next year.