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#7 JULY 8 1978

Hosted by Mary Moneypenny

We welcome into the Family This Year

Sue Moneypenny
Jill Hackett
Daniel Oliver
Jenie Anglebrandt



Christy, Pat, Frank, Jimmy, Mary, Joe, Susie, Tony, Rosie

Tim Hackett and Gayle

Jim, Pat, Frank, Tony, Joe, Chris

Greg and Pam Waldoch

Tony and Kathy

Dan, Neil? Tim, Nick


Dan, Neil? Pizza?

Sharen, Greg, Pam, David

Minutes of the Meeting


Gurto Family Reunion

       The seventh annual reunion of the Gurto Family was held July 8th, 1978 at the home of Mary Moneypenny, 785 Chestnut Street.

       Grace was said by Mary’s son-in-law, Dan Schneider.  Dinner was served by the hostess and her children.  The theme was a Hawaiian Luau.

       Games were played by all.

       Our President called a meeting to order.  He thanked Mary and her children for the wonderful meal.  Steve was also thanked for the lamb, and Dan’s friend Pizza for cooking the lamb.

       Old business was discussed with the claiming of two pairs of under shorts.  Only one pair was claimed by Tim.  The other pair was not claimed, so if you remember Tim put them both through the belt loops of his pants.

       It was discussed to keep the tent, and also to keep the money the same at $21.00.

       $15.00 – Food

       $ 5.00 – Tent

       $ 1.00 – Prizes


       New business:  We need a new secretary.  No one wanted the job so more or less Gayle was volunteered for the job.  B-Ann made a motion that Pat & Sherry would help.

       The 8th Gurto Family Reunion will be held at the home of Bob & Sue Petrovski, 7434 Glenwood Rd. north Kingsville on July 14th, 1979.

       Out of town relatives and guests attended form Cleveland and Marietta, Ohio, Sharon and Wexford, Pa., Milwaukee, Wisc., West Palm Beach, Fla. with 56 in attendance.

       Newest family member is Jill Hackett.