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#8 JULY 14 1979

Hosted by Susie and Bob Petrovski

We welcome into the Family This Year

Christine Gurto
Zachery Moneypenny
Missy Schneider


Minutes of the Meeting


Gurto Family Reunion

       The 8th annual Gurto Family Reunion was held Saturday July 14th, 1979 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Petrovski, 7434 Glenwood Rd.  Bucklake Estates, North Kingsville.

       There were 52 members and guests present.  The day got started with cocktails, greetings & conversation by all.

       Grace was said by James Gurto.

       After dinner games were played.  The bean game was won by Dale Gurto, the pin game was won by Pam Moneypenny, the table settings were won by Pat Gurto, Dale Gurto, Nancy Burford, Kathy Gurto, Pam Waldoch, and Sheila Schneider.

       Our President called a very short meeting to order to discuss next year’s reunion to decide between Joe & Frank.  Frank said he would take it.  Also discussed was the change in the reunion.  Rosie made a motion to leave the reunion as is.  Joe seconded it.  It was voted and the yes vote won.

       New members are Kathy Gurto and Neil Purdie.

       New babies are Zachery Moneypenny and Melissa Schneider.

       Tim showed he did not have an operation.

       At the end of Jan. there will be a get together to see if Frank needs help with his reunion.  Rosie made a motion, the meeting to be closed, seconded by Lorraine.

       Missing members were Bill, Effie, John and Johnny Lewis, Christy, Peggy, Michelle, & Lynne Gurto, Barry, Diane, & Alan Vorse, Jack, Sue & Zachery Moneypenny, Alfie, Debbie and A.J. Pearce, Barry, Elke, Dusty & Sandy Pearce and Millie and Bob.