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#35 JULY 8 2006

We welcome into the family this year We say good-bye to
    Frank Gurto Sr.
    Bob Burford

Why do we still have these reunions?  How important are they?  Who are they important to?  Haven't they already served their original purpose?  How many of us have asked ourselves or others these questions.  Is the reunion just a nostalgia trip?  Just to keep the remaining Seniors happy?  Or is there a deeper, more important reason? 

This is the 35th Gurto Family Reunion.  It is amazing to think that in just 15 years we will be celebrating the 50th reunion. What a day that will be. Before we had reunions, the family got together whenever they could for Christmas, vacations or a special occasion such as a wedding or major anniversary.  It has always been important for our family to be together as a family.  The Family reunions started after Grandma and Grandpa Gurto died but I have no doubt that they attended each and every one of them.

Last year Uncle Frank was with us.  He attended every one of the reunions.  Bob Burford was also with us, he also attended most of the reunions.  Where else would they be today but at the reunion. They are here with all who have gone before us - and we keep them alive through our memories of them as we pass their stories on to the next generation.

Maria Gurto
Filomini Gurto
Susan Speer
Vincent Jay Gurto

Peter Gurto

Mary Gurto
John Moneypenny
Bob Petrovski
Bob Speer
Mary Moneypenny
Ellen Gurto
Rosie Speer
Rose Best
Michael Best
Steven Moneypenny Jr.
Bill Lewis
Pamela Waldoch
Alexander Moneypenny
Joseph Gurto Sr.
Susie Petrovski
Frank Gurto Sr.
Bob Burford

We set aside this day to remember who we are and where we came from.  We remember each other and the memories that we've shared.  We create new memories, we are introduced to, and welcome, new members. We rejoice in each others' successes and commiserate with misfortune. We watch our family develop and evolve, and we are proud.

Those of us who could not make it are with you as well.  We, too, stop to remember what day it is.  We would each like to be there and can imagine the atmosphere.  Some of us have our own celebrations with our children and friends to mark the day, others may reflect more quietly.

The seniors started the reunions to keep the family unit together and to honor the memories of Grandpa and Grandma Gurto. The Juniors continued the tradition because of our belief in the importance of our family and to honor the Seniors.  We expect nothing less from our own children.

At the fifth reunion, 30 years ago, the Juniors recognised the importance of keeping the reunion going and all agreed to do their part in maintaining it.  That sense of importance remains with us even now as is evidenced by today's efforts.  Congratulations to all of those who organised the day. It would have been easy to just say, "Let's not be bothered with the reunion this year"  but then, we'd all be a bit lost, wouldn't we?

- Joe Gurto

Photos of Gurto Reunion  '06

Jim and Effie

B-Ann, Jim, Effie, Lorraine

Jim, Sharen, David

Nancy, Jimmy, B-Ann

Barry, Diane

Joe, Dana, Dale

Effie, Johnny III


Moneypenny Family

Jill, Tim, Joyce, Stacey

Steve, Sabrina, Mary, Jonathon

Luke, Brenda

Jesse, Faye, Shane, John

Nick, Rachel, Pam, Alex, Bill

Thor, Toni-Rae, Chris, Dale, Casey

B-Ann, Dana, Diane, Nancy


Joyce, Pam, Nancy

Johnny III

Waiting for the Pinata


Barry, Tim, David

Sabrina, B-Ann, Jim, Jonathon, Effie, Rachel, Johnny

Joyce, Jill, B-Ann

Photos of Gurto Reunion Down Under '06

We celebrated the Gurto Family Reunion in Australia by inviting those people in the family and those people who are 'like family' to us.  We had a wonderful day eating, drinking, learning about the reunion traditions and the Gurto Family members.

Welcome to our home



Jean and Maree

Bernadette and Maree

Frank and Dominic

Mary and Danita

Barbara and Frank



Greg and Joe

Clockwise from front, Barbara (back to camera) Danita, Frank, Mary, Maree, Timothy and Greg

Clockwise from left, Frances, Timothy, Greg, Barbara

Clockwise from left, Jeremy, Tony, Dominic, Frances, Joe, Luke, Matt, Lynne

Clockwise from left, Luke, Matt, Lynne, Jean, Jeremy, Tony, Dominic