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#37 JULY 12, 2008

We welcome into the family this year


We say good-bye to
Shannon Lee Vorse Doug Ward
Jane Moneypenny   Jimmy Gurto


2008 Prayer - Joe Gurto

July 12, 2008

I’d like to welcome everyone here to the 37th Gurto family reunion.

I’d also like to acknowledge a few important milestones for this year.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Dana and Joe Raisian

Happy 30th birthday to

Jill Hackett

Daniel Oliver

Jenie Anglebrandt and

Zachery Moneypenny

I’d like to wish Diane and Barry Vorse a happy 40th wedding anniversary

I’d like to wish a happy 50th birthday this year to

Pam Lewis

Frank Gurto Jr.

Michael Gurto and

Gary Anglebrandt

Happy 60th birthday to

Jim Speer and David Waldoch

Happy 70th birthday to

Pat Gurto and Lorraine Gurto

Aunt B Ann and Uncle Jimmy celebrated their 60th anniversary this year as Aunt Effie and Uncle Bill would have

Uncle Frank would have been 75, Aunt Rosie would have been 90 and Grandma Gurto would have been 110 years old this year.

It’s been said that life is made up of a series of meetings and partings.  In 1912 Peter Gurto parted from his home in Italy to America and a few years later, Mary Del Veccio did the same.  They met each other and over the years greeted 12 children, their spouses, 32 grand children, some of their spouses and 2 great grandchildren before they left us in December 1971 and February 1972.

Just a few months later in July, 55 family members met for the first family reunion at Uncle Jimmy’s and Aunt B-Ann’s.  That was all of us at the time.

For the next 36 years we have arranged to meet on the second Saturday of July each year to reminisce, to meet and greet new family members and to remember those who have parted from us.  During that time we have welcomed another 125 people to our family and sadly had to say good-bye to 26 family members.  Most recently Doug Ward and Uncle Jimmy whom we especially remember today.

By my calculations, the Gurto family has grown to 180 people.

So we thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity to greet each other again this year and keep our family tradition going.  We thank you for the food we are about to receive and for the beautiful day you have given us for our celebration.  We thank you for bringing so many of us together this year and for all those members of our families who were not able to join us today.  We’ll spend a little while today with tears and laughter and then the day will close.  Once again we will part from each other with many happy memories of today.  We ask you Lord to keep us all safe until next we meet again. 

- Amen

Joe's Family

Jim Sharen Effie Lorraine

Pat Sherry John Gayle

Dustin Rocky Samantha Joe Lorraine Nicky Nick Kayloni Jordyn Michael Bridgette Christopher Mark Shawn Tony Kristen

John Effie Johnny

Dana Sharen

Michelle Tammy Sabrina Joyce Tim Mary Jesse Shane Toni Jon Faye Brenda John Rachel ? Luke Nick Pam ? ?

David Sharen Jim

Pat Gayle

Pat Effie B-Ann Lorraine Gayle

Joyce Toni

Mary Jon Christopher Casey Nicky Shawn



Gathering the Loot


John Joyce

Pam Faye

Tony Mark Bridgette Shawn

Christopher's Toy

Lorraine Gayle Tammy

Jordyn Mark Bridgette Chritopher Shawn

Kristen Rocky Corey Brandy

Nicky Nick Kayloni

Joe Michael Tony Lorraine Nick Brandy Mark

Toni-Rae Dana Joe


B-Ann Lorraine

Faye Dana Joyce B-Ann Tony

Effie B-Ann Lorraine

Jim John

Nancy B_Ann

Pam Rachel

Dustin Samantha

Joe Karl Sherry

Joe Kyle Sherry Michael