Christmas 2002
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Sherry 2002
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Aunt Effie 2002
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Aunt Sue 2002
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Ulrich Family
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Mark and Bridgett 2002
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Lorraine and Joe 2002

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Sherry 2002

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Kyle, Sherry, Karl

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To wish you a Merry Christmas and everything happy in the new year! 


Sherry, Kyle and Karl

I've been working at the schools, trying to get my Christmas cards done and also my Christmas shopping and wrapping done.  Next week I'll strt my holiday baking.
The boys are in 6th grade and they are at Rowe Middle School.  What a big difference from elementary school to the middle school.  They're playing basketball now on Mondays and Wednesdays.  In 2 more weeks, they will get their braces off.   They're excited about that.
Mom and Dad are doing fine.  Mom has been working a lot of overtime again and Dad is busy with the race cars. 
I hope that you have a nice holiday.

Take care,


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Aunt Effie 2002

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Johnny III
5th Grade

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A good gift is one that lasts a long time and brings peace and joy.  A perfect gift is one that God gives . . .
the gift of His Son Jesus.

Have a Blessed Christmas

Aunt Effie

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Aunt Sue 2002

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Though the distance that's between us in miles may be quite far,
today you seem so very close . . .
Because, in thought, you are

Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year

I hope you all have a nice holiday!  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
May God Bless you all!
I love you all!
Aunt Sue

Ulrich Family 
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Rocky III
Grade 5
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Grade 3
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May this Holiday Season bring you
the joys and pleasures of life's finest treasures.

Rocky, Brandy & Kids

  Mark and Bridgett 2002
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Samantha year 8

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Jordyn - Shawn - Christopher

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Thinking of you

And wishing you

A wonderful holiday season

Have a great Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Mark - Bridgette - Jordyn - Christopher - Shawn - Sami

Lorraine and Joe 2002
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Wishing you a Christmas
filled with
happy rejoicing in the Lord.


Joe and Lorraine