Christmas 2012
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Joe and Frances  2012


We light this heart in memory of Pam, this year we also lite it for Johnny.  These are the roses David took to the cemetery this morning. We didnít put up a tree, I put up some snowman and women.  The heart shaped candle, the angel,  some ornaments, and in the background tweety.  Have a blessed Christmas and pray for peace in the new year.  Love to all Sharen and David


Hello Joe,

Hope this finds you well.  Iím so sadden by the news about John and my heart is breaking for Faye and John.  


I hope your family is doing well and everyone is getting prepared for the holidays.   Please note a few address changes below.   Steve and I recently relocated from Asheville, NC to Oklahoma for his employment.   Itís been a difficult move, but we are finally getting somewhat settled in our new home.   We are about 40 minutes north of Tulsa in a small town of Bartlesville.   Never in our wildest imaginations did we ever think we would be in Oklahoma!   But, the path of life leads in many different directions. 


Kelley and Jennifer are working and living in Charlotte, NC.  No plans for them to move at this point in time.


I was in your neck of the woods last week spending time in Manila, Philippines.  I travel there often for business, but I hope to zip down to Australia to see your beautiful country one day.  Happened to be there during the Super Typhoon which caused significant damage to southern providences of Philippine islands.   I think of you often when Iím in your region and  hopefully our paths may cross someday there.

Thanks for all your efforts in keeping the website updated and keeping the family connected!






Merry Christmas to our Dear Family and Friends.... As we prepare for a huge snowstorm sweeping our way... the boating pictures warms our heart and soul. Johnny at his proudest moments.. when John would let him drive the boat !!!!

Fond memories.. Fishing on Lake Erie, near the Catawba Islands & Put-n- Bay ~~ summer breeze blowing from the Lake, Sun shining down on us...... the laughter, the fun, the enjoyment... we never know when it can all be taken away. The memories of these family days will always be in our hearts... these are a few of the gifts that no one can take away. Oh how I wish I could yell at him one more time... "Johnny put sunscreen on, make sure you put it on the top of your eyes too !!"... what would you expect - that's what Moms do.
Oh Johnny, these past 2 weeks don't seem real. I want to wake up and find it was all a dream. I expect you to walk thru that door, give me a hug and say " Hi Ma" .. and then go
open your presents that are wrapped.... and sitting on the floor.